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How to Get Rid of Bubbles in Nail Polish

You can improve a lot of your body features through several aesthetic procedures. You can have your hair cut and color your nails. These are some of the changes that you can make to your body. Although these changes are guaranteed to improve your appearance, there are cases when the job is poorly done that it would look ugly.

When you have your nails done, it may seem to be as simple as applying the nail polish to the fingernails. But if you do it wrong, you will have the trouble of having bubbles in nail polish. Bubbles in your nail polish can ruin a perfectly good nail polish. The bubbles in nail polish prevent the nail polish to be applied on the surface resulting in spots on your nails.

Bubbles in nail polish are not dangerous and there are several things that you can do to make sure that the bubbles do not appear. A perfect nail polish can enhance the appearance of your nails and it can also improve your moo. Having bad nails can ruin your day especially if you are going to attend a function. You can follow the procedures to make sure that you get rid of bubbles in nail polish:

Cleanliness is where it all starts

Before applying nail polish onto your fingernails, you need to make sure that the nails are clean and free from dust. First, you need to buff the fingernails and brush it off to remove any particles that can produce bubbles and bumps on the nails. This is one of the best ways to prevent bubbles from forming when you apply nail polish to your fingernails.

Another thing that you need to check is the cleanliness of the brush applicator that you will be using. Make sure that you have dipped the brush in acetone to remove any dirt that was carried over when you used it. Allow the brush to dry and wipe it off with a towel to make sure that all the particles have been removed.

Spend a little more on your nail polish

Sometimes, paying more for something that you will use is well worth it. When you consider applying nail polish to yourself, it would be a good idea to purchase a little more expensive nail polish since their quality is better than the cheap ones that you find. Some of the cheaper variety of nail polish often provides dry and brittle look.

Cheaper nail polish also tends to form air bubbles more frequently. Before the nail polish touches the fingernails, you can expect to see the bubbles forming already. I wouldn’t hurt if you purchase nail polish that can provide better results at slightly higher price.

Have your nails done by a professional

A lot of people might say that having your nails done is a simple hobby, the truth of the matter is that having your fingernails done is also a work of art. A lot of people express themselves through different forms of art and they see the nails as their blank canvass where they would put their masterpiece on through nail polish. It would be wise to hire a professional to have your nails done since they are well trained for this kind of job. Visit a salon and have them do it for you, it’s fast and easy.

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