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How to Get Rid of Buckthorn

Plants have different characteristics that make them important to the surroundings. Aside from humans, other plants benefits from their own kind. But there are some plants that are considered as a nuisance because of their characteristics. Some plants can become invasive and take over large areas of properties that it can spell trouble.

If you notice a plant that has thorny spines and has grown as big as a tree, you might be having buckthorn problems. These plants are very invasive and they can be difficult to handle if they are left untreated. These plants have the capability to rapidly spread and take over yards and other native plants in the landscape which can eradicate the population in your garden.

You will need to make sure that you get rid of buckthorn to prevent it from killing other forms of plants in your yard. Buckthorns are dangerous to other plant forms and can have a negative impact in your surroundings. You wouldn’t want your yard to end up looking like a garden of buckthorn. To help you deal with this problem, you can follow the steps provided:

Garden tools that can lighten your load

If the buckthorns are still small and you don’t mind the workout, you can actually use hand tools that you can find in your garden shed. Tools such as axes and weed whackers can be used to deal with this sort of problem. Remember to do the removal manually if the invasion is still in a small scale of the yard. If you are dealing with acres of buckthorn, you can use gas powered hand tools such as chainsaw to do the job.

Remember that the buckthorns can grow as big as trees and you need to remember that it can be hard to take down trees. What you need to do is to work the branches first and then deal with the trunk at least 10 minutes at a time to make sure that you don’t wear yourself out. After cutting the trunk, you can then proceed in digging the root and throwing it away.

Cut them at the right time

Since buckthorns can invade other type of plants, they can be hard to spot. This is the reason why you need to take them down during the fall as they are easier to spot. Buckthorn, during this season, remains green while the rest of the plants in your garden ay have turned pale brown already. Once you spot the buckthorns, you will be able to take them down easily.

After cutting them down, you will need to get back to it at another time so that you will be able to monitor the growth of the buckthorn, allowing you to kill them while they are young.

Herbicides is another option you have

There are herbicides that you can use which can kill the buckthorns. Using herbicides is the best way to keep the buckthorn from re sprouting. Herbicides absorb moisture that buckthorns need as nourishment so they wouldn’t grow. You will need to make sure that the herbicides are used sparingly since it can have a negative effect on the other plants.

Aside from herbicides, you can also use salt as salt has hygroscopic properties that absorb water and moisture. It has the same effect as using herbicides and can prevent sprouting of the buckthorn any further.

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