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How to Get Rid of Cabinet Bugs

Cabinet bugs are already present even before humans, but it doesn’t follow that they have the right to invade any of our homes. The reason why cabinet bugs are invading cabinets is mainly because of the presence of food. It doesn’t matter if it’s spilled or kept inside a durable paper packaging. It is disgusting to know that some of the bugs go together with the flour, pasta, cornmeal, dried fruits and breads.

There are also instances in which the bug goes to packages unnoticed and successfully ended up inside the accessible package. It is a fact that these bugs can exist in our cabinets at any point of their development. But there are ways to get rid of these cabinet bugs:

Clean your cabinets thoroughly

The basic thing to do when cabinet bugs invade our homes is to remove everything from the affected area including the dusts and old shelf papers. Vacuum up crumbs. It is also helpful to inspect all of the unsealed items and throw away the stuff that you can consider questionable. After the cabinet and the storage areas are already free from dust and different particles, the area should be cleaned with vegetable-oil soap and warm water. It is also necessary to clean the areas where the bugs can deposit their eggs or areas that allow the bugs to hide. After cleaning the cabinet with soap and water, the area should be rinsed and kept dry before putting back the things that haven’t been infested.

Watch the storage of food

It is recommended to purchase clear containers with tight fitting lids so that it is easy to monitor without opening the container if the containers are infested with bugs or not. Store susceptible foods in the refrigerator. It is one of the best ways to prevent bugs from infesting the products like cornmeal and flour. If you have items unopened since purchase, it is better to transfer them in a clean and dry container then seal them tightly. Another tip—when you throw away infested food, make sure to wrap them well and to throw them away from the house as soon as possible.

Try out safe insecticides

There are many insecticides that you can take advantage of that are out there.  Be sure to consider this spray only when your cabinet is fully cleaned out.  You don’t want to spray while you have food in there, as it may cause more damage than good.

Boric Acid

Bugs can be present in your cabinets at any stage of their lives, starting from an egg onto being an adult. Luckily, numerous easy remedies are available to rid them and one of them is through the use of boric acid.

Go procure boric acid powder from the supermarket. Take a container like an empty gallon of milk for example, rinse it and fill it with water. Put ample amount of boric acid to the gallon of water and blend them up real well. Grad an old rag and tidy up your cabinets. Be certain to put out the dishes out first. Allow the cabinets to dry up prior to placing them all back. Each unsealed box of goodies should not be kept back in the cabinets. Make sure to seal them first in large Ziploc bags.

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