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How to Get Rid of Cable TV

Cable TV is one of the traditional home appliances. It seemed to have become a mutual fact that a home is incomplete without a television. Given the entertainment, convenience and many more features that a television can offer us, it has become a growing commodity for years and not just an option.

However, the rise of today’s technologies makes it viable for others to withdraw and ditch cable TVs. Most people do it to cut costs and save money. So how do they do that? The answer is internet. Internet has offered a lot already, and it doesn’t stop there. With an internet, you can stream videos of your favorite movies for free.

Online Channels

You can search for your favorite channels online and see what’s for today. Most channels nowadays already have their own websites where they feature the same things you can see on the television. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a specific news segment, talk show or series. Just key in its title or the network/channel name and judge the results.


Most series, cartoons, clips and movies are available for streaming via YouTube. Just have to key in the keywords in the search bar and see the best that fits you among the results. YouTube is however strict with copyrights and other legal and ownership rights. You have to work with your luck to find what you are looking for.


Joost is a legal service provider that offers online streaming. It is in partner with different networks already and workable via computers. Its interface is easy to use and readily intuitive enough for beginners.


If you are on prepaid, and would prefer to watch offline, you can look for a torrent of your favorite movies or series in a torrent directory online, say for example, and download the torrent. Double clicking on the downloaded torrent usually launches the content downloader right away and will start your downloads in a few seconds. When downloading is done, you can now go offline and watch your videos.

TV Phones

TV phones are famous nowadays. A lot phones now feature a TV application that activates their TV antenna and lets you go through different channels. This is so far the best TV-on-the-GO device.

Contact your local cable company

Getting rid of your cable TV can be a good thing particularly to those who trying to find ways to acquire some money saved from a few of your household bills and expenses. To chop down at least $50 from your home utility bills monthly, phone up your local cable company now and let them know that you have come across a substitute to cable so you won’t be needing their services. They can process the termination of your cable connection thereafter. This is something you just got to do if you are paying not only for the cable subscription and fees per month but supplementary to it, you have to pay for the box rental, other cable services and taxes. Wake up and find another option to cable that is more within your means.

  1. Vasu Said,

    Cable TV operations play a major role in every middle and lower level families. The advance level of watching different channels is Satellite TV or Dish TV instead of cable connection. Because of this improvement in technology the domination of cable TV and the concerned operators are getting reduction in their business day by day. In addition people used to reduce the cost charges on monthly basis and slowly started to move to Dish TVs. Nevertheless it’s an entertainment thing its very difficult for the viewers to quit suddenly, no matter the cost is.

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