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How to Get Rid of Caffeine Addictions

Coffee has got to be the best friend of those who wants to feel the rush every morning and maintain it through the day. Coffee provides a good jumpstart that has been very famous for many like students, businessmen and so on. On the good side, coffee can be good to your health as many of the products offers antioxidant-like effect when they drink coffee. It can also help in our regular bowel movement.

Drinking coffee can’t be that bad as long as you keep it in a moderate level. The problem begins is when you get dependent to it. The bad side to caffeine dependence is that it can give you headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations and many more. You know when you are dependent to it if you can’t function well if you didn’t get to sip your coffee. Let’s not forget that caffeine can also be found in other forms like softdrinks, energy drinks, tea and sodas. You must learn to kick the habit before it can further harm you.

Kick the habit

They say that the challenge of kicking a habit is wanting to kick it. Many people get dependent because they feel a certain high or calmness when they have their daily dose of whatever they are taking. Now stopping caffeine dependence is like any other addiction—it is hard. Not only that, withdrawal symptoms are pretty nasty that is why you always opt to go back to the habit again. Now, set a goal and stay strong to that goal. List the consequences that you might get if you don’t start.

Gradually decrease caffeine consumption

In any kind of addiction, any abrupt changes or halt in your habit leads to an earlier and more severe symptoms of withdrawal. When that happens, you wouldn’t want to feel that again so you go back to your addiction. The technique is to cut it down carefully every week. That way, you get to trick your body and by then, you will be used to the lowered amount of caffeine consumption until the craving eventually ends.

Look for a healthier alternative

When you get dependent to coffee or caffeine in general, it’s not just the caffeine but the taste as well. So what you have to do is to find the closest beverage to that less the caffeine. Say you are roused by the warm temperature and aroma; you can switch to hot chocolate, porridge or even congee for a change.  There is no reason on why you have to kick it completely, it could be best to just tone the caffeine down.  For example, consider drinking a green tea rather than a soda.

Bubble gum

This is a mere distraction. Whenever you crave for coffee or any caffeine-based beverage, chew gum. Focus on the gum and the gum alone. Make your nibble snappy so that you get distracted. You can start blowing bubbles if the cravings still persists. Just repeat the process and you will see that you get so distracted that the craving has already left you.

What worked for you?

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