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How to Get Rid of Canine Worms

Just like any other animals, dogs can be infested by worms. It can be because of the many things that they chew on. This condition is very common to dogs so be very observant. Some of the causes of canine worms are:

So if you ever see unusual bahavior in your dog’s appetite or notice that the stool is wet and has worms in it, it is time to let your veterinarian check your dog. You can also go ahead and get a stool sample and let it be examined for worms. Here are some ways on how to get rid of canine worms:


There are many over-the-counter medications that are readily available for dogs that are infested by worms. Actually, they are really just the medications given to humans. Mebendazole and Albendazole are very effective medications to get rid of worms. Ask assistance in your veterinarian as these are in tablet forms. Some may opt to dissolve it or crush it then mix it with their food. However, if there is a decrease in appetite, you may have to give the dissolved medication directly.

If your dog has gone to the point that it is always vomiting, you can give an anti-emetic medication like Ipecac before giving the Mebendazole or Albendazole.  You can often find these medications at your local stores such as Walmart and even 1800petmeds online.  If considering these tablets, keep in mind that they won’t work all the time.

Vet visits

If you feel that your dog has canine worms, check back at the vaccinations that your dog has received in the past.  You’re going to want to make sure that your puppy get these vaccinations at least every two weeks up until he/she is six months old.  If your dog is behind on vaccinations, you’ll want to set up an appointment to prevent this from happening in the future.

White pumpkin seeds

If you want to go all natural and would want to avoid giving your dog medications, there is actually an effective home remedy. All you have to do is to give your dog some crushed seeds of white pumpkin. You can also mix this to their daily food or water. A couple of tablespoon every day is more than enough but if you want to make sure and give more than that, it is totally fine. This is 100% natural so there are no worries for any side effects.

Garlic with fennel

You can also crush some garlic and mix in with a little fennel. Add it to their food too.

NOTE: Home remedies may be effective but you will have to constantly have their stool checked just to make sure. Also, it is best that you consult your veterinarian about your way of medicating the condition.

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