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How to Get Rid of Cankles

Having cankles is a shame for some people. It is a condition where your calf and ankles seem to be joined together as one. Most people who suffer from this condition are those generally obese or overweight people. This appearance may be caused by the accumulated amount of fats around the ankle.

Many people try to resolve cankle issues by picking the right choices of clothes. Indeed this is effective but just temporary. To help solve this problem, here are a few tips:

Exercise is the best solution

Most people who suffer from this condition are those who are obese and overweight, but not all of them. It can also be caused by the fat deposits that may have been accumulated in the ankle area. Under such conditions, you can resolve the problem by doing exercises that specifically targets your ankles. Stretching, walking, jogging or cycling should help manage the cankles.

Focus on specific ankle exercises

Since the ankles are the center of attention, it’s ideal to consider doing ankle strengthening exercises.  Not only will these exercises help get rid of the excess fat, it can tone them down to where they should be.  Calf raises and other various exercises can help tremendously if you continue to do them on a daily basis.  The cool thing about these exercises is that no equipment is required!

Watch your diet

It is important that you understand that you have to adjust your diet for good. Maintain a healthy balanced diet to address not only your cankle problems but your overall health in general. Maintain a low-calorie diet in order to successfully get rid of cankles fast. Less salt, less sugar, less red meat and MORE vegetables should be taken in. Vegetables will supply you with dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals to help you become physically fit.

Avoid water retention

Water retention due to standing for a long period of time, heart failure and weakening of veins can also cause cankles. Avoid such conditions as much as possible. Pump up the blood for better circulation. You can do cardio exercises that will include your whole body like swimming.  You’re going to want to avoid salts in your diet, as well as watch your fitness activity.  It’s always best to get up and move around every few minutes.

Start considering supplements

Take dietary supplements for nourishment. Consider especially those that can aid you in achieving better blood circulation. Improper blood circulation is also linked to having cankles.
Tone your calves. There are simple routines that you can do daily to tone your calves. These exercises should help you build firm calves. With building more muscles into your calves, the lining between your ankles and you calves will grow thinner, thus giving you a better shape.

Lose Weight

Cankles or sausage leg as what we all know can be your life’s curse. Where your calf meets your ankle, where it’s presumably should curve in; however the ankle part is very thick and stuffed instead. Weight gain is the most frequent factor that results to cankles. It may be because you’re hereditarily inclined to amass fat in the lower legs, or it may be due to you having gained weight all throughout your body; which makes you mindful of your lower legs appearance.

Whatever the root of the problem is, trimming down can hugely enhance how your cankles look, and may even chuck them out at one fell swoop. Find the weight loss plan that works best for contouring your lower legs, as it lets you to shed off extra pounds, while keeping or even forming muscles by instigating your metabolism.

Consider surgery as a last resort

If the problem is a serious issue for you and nothing seems to be working, it may be ideal to consult with a Doctor to explore various surgeries that can help lessen the “cankle” appearance.  While surgery isn’t necessary, some may feel that it’s necessary.  Calf implants, as well as ankle liposuction are all popular procedures right now that you may want to look into.

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