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How to Get Rid of Cape Weeds

Cape weed is formally known as Arctotheca Calendula is an invasive weed which originated from the Cape Province in South Africa. Today, it has been listed as a noxious weed in California and in Australia as well. Cape weed (also known as cape dandelion or cape marigold) is a squat perennial plant that grows in rosettes and has the tendency to grow very quickly. You will surely know that it’s cape weed through the daisy-like flowers that has small yellow petals with either green or purple tints. The flowers usually grow in late spring and early summer.

Given that it is a very invasive plant, it is also very easy to grow. They can reproduce fast by either vegetation or by seed. The seed-bearing ones have the tendency to become very weedy. Another disadvantage of cape weeds is that they can have the potential to have toxic levels if nitrates (if are in high-fertile soils). So if you feel that these cape weeds are being a menace, try some of these to get rid of them:


This is a very effective method to stop cape weeds from reproducing by removing the mature rosettes. Through the exposure of the root system to the surface, they will dry out and eventually die. Burning or burying could also help you control their continuous growth. Cultivation could be a mixture of cropping and pasture establishment. This is to help control the bigger rosettes that are very difficult to deal with.

Manually pull them off

This is applicable if there is only a light cape weed infestation. When doing this, use a fork to help you pull them out easier. First, you have to loosening the soil where the cape weeds are. Then carefully lift the plant so as you can take as much roots as you can without breakage. For best results, you can wait for the soil to be a little moist or you can turn on your sprinklers before doing this project. This is for you to be able to pull the roots easier.


Another way to get rid of cape weeds is through the use of herbicides. For smaller infestations, this task will be very easy and fast. However, for larger infestations, you may need multiple applications.  If you continue to find that these weeds keep coming back, you may want to hire the professionals to come in and spray every month.  To find the best professionals in your area, consider using services such as to help find the lowest pest control prices in your area.

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