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How to Get Rid of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a gaseous substance that is capable of killing animals, including human beings within a couple of minutes after inhaling it.  Inhaling large concentrations of this nearly undetected substance can greatly affect the normal gas exchange inside the body.  It blocks the usual function of hemoglobin thus, decreasing oxygen delivery to the vital organs, including the brain, which will eventually lead to death, not treated promptly.

A lot of household appliances emit this substance, making your family at risk of developing carbon monoxide poisoning.  The regular heating furnace, water and air heating appliances, charcoal stoves and many more are the usual sources of this deadly gas inside your homes.  However, there are a couple of methods in which you can get rid of carbon monoxide and keep your family safe.

Check your appliances

By making sure that your carbon-monoxide emitting electrical devices are running in the best condition, you are reducing the production this substance.  Also, check the appliances regularly for correct alignment and positioning to prevent any leak of any dangerous substances including carbon monoxide.  If you don’t know how to do all of these, hiring an experienced technician from your local appliance center is your best choice.

Install a detector

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is impossible to see, smell and taste, because of this fact, scientists invented a device that is capable of analyzing the level of this substance in the atmosphere.  Carbon monoxide detectors are available in the market and are ready for household use.  It is highly advised that you hire a professional to install it in order to make sure that it is set up properly.  If you don’t own a carbon monoxide detector, you chances of sensing the presence of this gas is impossible.  Detectors are quit expensive, but its purpose of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning is worth more than the money that you spent.


Ventilation is the easiest and the cheapest way of getting rid of this gas in your home.  If you have numerous carbon monoxide-emitting appliances in your home, you can get can get rid of its toxic by-product by just opening your doors and windows, making sure that air flows freely in and out of your home.  Using electric fans in the specific areas of your home where identified appliances are located also disperses carbon monoxide and increasing it chances of leaving the premises of your property.

Know the symptoms

Since most households have devices that are emitting this noxious gas, it is important to educate individuals the early signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.  If you observe a sudden onset of headache, weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea and vomiting having no apparent cause, call your local emergency medical response team or 911 immediately.  While waiting for the emergency response team, it is advised to ventilate the house and turn off all devises that facilitates combustion.  The early signs and symptoms mentioned above will progress into unsteady gait, unconsciousness and eventually death, if not treated right away.  It is only in the hospital that cause of these symptoms will be identified.  A blood sample will determine the carbon monoxide level in the body, and then proper management and treatment will be done to save the life of the victim.

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