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How to Get Rid of Carbs

There are basically three energy sources extracted from the food that we ingest everyday; carbohydrates, protein and fat.  Among the three, carbohydrate is the most abundant in more food sources and is also the one considered to be the most important.  Carbohydrates are the first-line energy giving substance being used inside our body.  It is primarily composed of numerous types of sugar that when used by the cells, initiate microscopic processes needed to maintain life.  When this substance is taken in large quantities, the body will convert its excess amount into glycogen, commonly called fats.

Fat deposits have several disadvantages, including ones that can jeopardize the survival of the person, because of this fact, it is important to maintain fat accumulation in the body at the minimum level.  There are a couple of techniques that you can do, but one of the most effective ways is to reduce or eliminate the source of the problem – get rid of carbohydrates in your diet.

Get the right motivation

Motivation is very significant in achieving your goal of reducing the fat deposits of the body and thinking of the right one is equally important.  Find something that will keep your drive for a long time and not just temporary ones.  Your actions only come as far as your motivation will last; if you lose the drive, your body will also respond in a similar manner, thus you become a failure.  Think of something like improving your health status, you’re tired of being called fat, or whatever you can think you of as long as you are sure that it will last long.

Identify concentrated sources and avoid them NOW

Carbohydrate sources are easily identified.  They are the one that is very heavy to eat like rice, potatoes, and other root crops.  Bread and pastries, milk, sweets like ice creams, pasta and chocolates have extremely high carbohydrate content.  It is never recommended that you totally cut off your intake of these foods, but limitation is obliged.   Once you have identified the sources, the best way to start your journey of getting rid of carbohydrates, is to start NOW!

Set a limit for yourself

You have to tattoo in your mind that you are only allowed to eat a specified amount of carbohydrate-rich food at a certain time frame.  A daily limit is proven to be most effective.  Every person has a different fat index percentage that is why there is no universal daily limit.  It is highly advised that you seek an advice from a dietician or a nutritionist on the amount of carbohydrates that you can ingest every day.  In order you to be faithful to the limitation, avoidance is the key.  This means that you have avoid places that tempt you to eat a lot, like buffet restaurants and many other.  Avoiding gatherings involving wide selection of foods may be done.

Take in a lot fiber and protein

These two substances are said to be effective in decreasing your appetite by increasing your feeling of fullness.  These substances give the brain a signal that mimics a full stomach.  Protein sources include red meat from pork and beef, chicken and poultry products, tofu, soy beans and many more, while fiber is found mostly found in plants like mango, spinach, broccoli and other green and leafy vegetables.

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