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How To Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Bees are considered one of the most outstanding insects out there. They help pollinate plants and trees and multiply food crops. However, not every type of bee is helpful. In fact, there are just some bees which can be a major nuisance. A classic example is the colony of carpenter bees.

Carpenter bees are quite friendly in a sense that they do not sting. But what makes them so annoying is that they can destroy your home. Carpenter bees have some similarities with termites. However, instead of eating woods in your house, carpenter bees just simply dig holes into it. Still, in a long run, the work of carpenter bees can bring great damage to your house. If carpenter bees are lingering around your home, you should do some action to remove them right away to prevent further damages. Here are some things you can do to get rid of carpenter bees.

Find their hive

Before you randomly spray insecticide on bees, the one thing you should do first is to locate where the bees stay. Find the areas in your home with old, aging woods. It is easier to dig lair on old wood. This is probably the carpenter bees’ resting place. When you have found their dwelling place, you can now focus on fixing the problem from there.

Stuff the hole

You can stuff the hole that the carpenter bees dig with small steel tube. Carpenter bees cannot dig on hard steel. Placing steel on their home will shoo them away. Once the bees have left their lair, you can stuff the hole with putty and other wood sealing products.


Bees do not like smoke. Although this method may be quite hazardous because it requires smoke from fire, it can be really effective in removing carpenter bees. But if you are careful enough, just use some torch and light it. Place it in an angle where the smoke hits the carpenter bees’ lair. Keep away the fire from wood and other furniture as this may cause for a major disaster. When using fire, always take extra caution.

Clean them with vacuum

You can use vacuum cleaner to suck the carpenter bees. Just gear yourself with proper equipments and a working vacuum cleaner. Wait around the lair of the carpenter bees and let the vacuum cleaner do its work. The best time to execute this method is during dusk to early evening. This is the time when the bees go back to their lair and they are quite slow-moving at this time because of a day’s work.

Insecticide and pesticides

Although insecticides and pesticides are not that advisable when it comes to getting rid of bees, this method is quite effective. Just spray an ample amount of insecticide or pesticide on their lair and the bees will surely get bugged by this. When you do this method, you will have to be prepared well since the bees will most likely buzz madly once the insecticide or pesticide has started to work. The best time to do this is during evening as well.

Call an exterminator

If you cannot manage the carpenter bees anymore, you can always call an exterminator or a bee expert that can help you. Hiring an exterminator will be the best move if you cannot get rid of carpenter bees yourself. With some bucks, your house can be free of carpenter bees.

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