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How To Get Rid of Carpet Stains

A nice carpet is a good addition to any room. Although you just lay it on the floor, it still gives that homey and comfortable ambiance. But some spills and stains on your carpet can instantly turn it from a beautiful decoration to an unclean sight.

There are different solutions for different stain types on your carpets. But most of them are just easy homemade remedies. If your carpet has been stained, you should remove it as soon as possible since the longer you ignore it, the more permanent it can get. So in order to get rid of carpet stains, try doing the following methods.

Water and soap

If the carpet has been stained just recently, it is easier to remove. You can just get some water and soap to start with. Just scrub the area with carpet stain with soap and dab it clean with water. Simple carpet stains can be easily removed by this method. But of course, the effectiveness still depends on how bad the stain is.

Brake cleaner

If your carpet has been stained with food or sauce that is hard to remove such as ketchup or dressings, you can use brake cleaner. You can get brake cleaner on the hardware store if you do not have one. Just spray a small amount of brake cleaner over the carpet stain. Scrub it with soap and water. Keep in mind to only use a very small amount of brake cleaner as too much can destroy your carpet fibers.

Use acidic liquids

Vinegar has strong contents that break up stains. Just mix vinegar with water and apply it on the stained area. Repeat if needed. But if after some tries the carpet stain does not go away, opt for another solution.

You can also use lemon in the place of vinegar. Lemon has a more desirable smell but less powerful than vinegar. If the stain is not that severe, you can just try to use lemon. But if it cannot be removed with lemon, then go for the more powerful vinegar.

Baking soda

Baking soda is another famous home remedy for carpet stain. Just simply sprinkle baking soda over the carpet stain, then sprinkle hot water afterwards, and let it sit overnight. The carpet stain should be lighter the next morning. If not, apply more baking soda and scrub the stained part. Let the carpet fibers absorb the baking soda and just vacuum the residue afterwards.

Carpet stain removers

If you can spare some money, you can always buy carpet stain removers from the market. It is simpler and more convenient to use. However, before you buy a carpet stain remover, you should always check the label first. There are different carpet stain removers made for different types of stains. So choose one that is compatible with the stain on your carpet. To be extra sure, just use a tiny amount of carpet stain remover on a stained area and see how the carpet fibers react with the product. If it seems to work magic, then apply continue to apply carpet stain remover on the carpet stains area.

Take it to the laundry shop

If you cannot remove the carpet stains yourself, you can always take it to the laundry shop. They would know the best solutions for your carpet stains. You just have to pay some bucks for their services but you can get that stain-free carpet back in just a few hours!

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