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How To Get Rid of Carrot Stains

Carrot is one great vegetable. It contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients that can improve your health. Another good thing about this is that it is delicious. That is why a lot of people like munching on some carrots for their meals or snack. But what if that carrot chunk slipped and left stains on your clothes, tablecloth or your carpet? Sounds annoying, right? However, do not fret as removing carrot stains is quite easy.

There are different approaches on how to get rid of carrot stains. It depends upon what item has been stained, its color, the fabric and texture. If you are snacking on some carrots or carrot juice and it suddenly spilled, here are some helpful tips that you can follow to get rid of those unwanted carrot stains.

Remove residue

Whether you are getting rid of carrot stains on clothes, tablecloth or carpets, the first thing you should do is remove some solid carrot residue. Just get some spoon and scrape any residue that has solidified. With no chunks of solid carrots, it will be easier to remove the remaining particles.

Soften up the stain

Dip the stained part of the clothing in cool water for some minutes. The carrot stain will soften up and it will be easier to remove the carrot stain that way.

Body soap

Some people use detergent bars right away to get rid of the stain. A good thing to do is try body soap first. After you have dipped the cloth with the carrot stain for a few minutes, try to wash it with body soap. It will slightly improve the smell and it can also remove the carrot stain if it is not that much.

Liquid detergent

If the body soap was not enough to remove the carrot stain, then try using the more powerful liquid detergent. Just rub some amount of liquid detergent over the carrot stained part. Then, submerge the cloth back in cold water for a few minutes again. After that, completely wash the cloth with more detergent soap and water. This should already take away the carrot stain. But if not, you can do other homemade stain remedies.

The white vinegar solution

White vinegar is probably one of the best and most used condiment for removing stains. You can use vinegar in removing carrot stains in clothes, tablecloth or even the carpet. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water. Apply this solution onto the stained part. Let the vinegar solution work for a few minutes. When the stain appears lighter, rinse it with water.

Use bleach

If the stained cloth is white in color, you can bleach it to remove the stains. Just use the bleach as you normally would when you wash your clothes. This should be effective in removing carrot stains. If the stained cloth is of different color other than white, you can still use bleach provided that the product you will use is suitable for other colors as well. Some bleaching products for colored clothes are available on the market.

The combination

Carrot stain is not that hard to remove, but if the stained area is quite big, you can use the combination of liquid detergent, water, vinegar and bleach. Just mix some teaspoons of liquid detergent, bleach and vinegar into a quart of water. Submerge the stained cloth over this cleaning solution. After a few minutes, wash the cloth completely with detergent soap and water. This should remove the carrot stain.

What worked for you?

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