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How To Get Rid of Case Bearing Moths

Is your home being infested with case bearing moths? Do you often find holes in your dress and clothes, especially those ones made out of wool or silk? Do your pillow cases, blankets and comforters seem to have damages and holes too? How about your carpeting and rugs? If you see lots of holes on clothing and fabric all around your home, then you might be an unlucky fellow who has been visited by case bearing moths.

Case bearing moths can be found both inside and outside your home. These pests feed on fabrics that are why you should not be shocked when you see your favorite jacket with nasty holes. If you find case bearing moths in your home, you should not ignore them. These pests multiply rapidly so you must act as soon as possible. If you want to get rid of case bearing moths, here are some things you can do.

Prevention is better than cure

Even if you do not have case bearing moths at home, you should take preventive measures. Case bearing moths just appear out of nowhere and the last thing you would want is for them to appear in your home. So as much as possible, keep your house clean.

Cleaning is the key

Use vacuum to get rid of even the slightest dirt. Clean carpeting, rugs and other furniture fabrics. Make sure you clean all the sides and corners of your home. If there are bird and insect nests on your lot, quickly get rid of them as they attract those case bearing moths.

Manage your clothes

Keep your dresser clean and properly sorted out. For clothes with wool or silk fabrics, you should place them in a separate sealed container or pouch so that case bearing moths will not find them. As season changes, you might find yourself changing your wardrobe as well. If you will not be using some of your clothes, wash them with hot water, air dry and store them in a clean, airtight place.

Place mothballs around your house

If there are moths inside your house, mothballs can help you. You can buy some plastics of mothballs over the market. They are quite cheap and very affordable. Just place these moth balls near the container of those fabrics which may attract the case bearing moths and they will not visit your home.

Make pheromone traps

If there are already moths inside your home, you can put up pheromone traps. This will lure adult moths. Without adults, the population of case bearing moths will be lessened.

Cold temperature

You can kill moths with cold temperature. Just simply get the object infested by moths, seal it in a plastic bag and send it to the freezer. The cold temperature will kill those moths. Also, keeping your home cold enough will stop those moths from multiplying. You can use air conditioner to alter the humidity in your home.

Seal moth hideouts

Moths will hide on places with cracks and crevices. You can simply seal it with putty and those moths will have nowhere to hide anymore. Seal off the cracks on your cabinet, counters and other wood furniture so that moths will have no lair anymore.

Call pest control

If you cannot manage to get rid of case bearing moths, you can always call the pest control. For some bucks, your home will be free of case bearing moths.

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