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How To Get Rid of Cast Smell

Cast is widely used in hospitals for surgical treatments such as curing broken bones. When you are undergoing a treatment for broken bones, cast will be used for immobilization of that part of your body that is being healed. A cast may stay on your arm for a few weeks, depending on how severe your condition is. One downside of using cast on treating physical conditions is that, overtime; your cast will most probably start to get smelly.

It is hard to keep a cast from being smelly, especially if you are an active person. The main reason why a cast starts to smell is because it accumulates moisture. Since a cast keep a part of your body enclose, such as your arm, you can hardly avoid it from getting sweaty. When the cast starts to get wet, it will more likely produce a foul odor. However, do not worry as you can still get rid of cast smell by trying these methods.

Avoid getting sweaty

Most patients will be asked to move around and get some exercise. But if the doctor advised you to just rest, and then do not get too active. Do not sport until you have fully healed. Too much activity will cause your body to sweat a lot and when this moisture accumulates on your cast, bacteria will be attracted and you can expect a foul odor coming from your cast. So as much as possible, limit your physical activity.

Clean your cast

Cast needs to be cleaned regularly. If you keep your cast clean, it will not get too smelly. Also, cleaning your cast does not just help you avoid that bad odor; it can also ward off all those bacteria that may be starting to house on your cast.

Baking soda

Baking soda is one of those wondrous home solutions for stinky odors. It can work on your clothing and other house furnishings. It can also work well with your cast too! Just rub some baking soda on your cast. The baking soda will absorb the moisture on your cast, lessening the smell coming from it.

Overpower the odor

If you need to cover up the cast smell right away, you can always spray some perfume or rub some fragrant fabric softener over the cast. The smell of perfume or fabric softener will overpower the odor of the cast. However, the power of perfume or fabric softener is just temporary. It is still advisable to have your cast cleaned.

Cast products

Cast products are already available in the market. These products are specifically designed in order to eliminate cast smell problems. You can get it at selected stores and pharmacies at a very affordable price. Cast spray and suction products are handy and very easy to apply.

Call your doctor

Cast smell is quite normal especially if you have been using the cast for some time. However, it is still best to seek help from your doctor. If the cast smell is too strong, you can ask him to replace your cast with a clean one. Consulting with a doctor is also will also help determine whether the bad smell from the cast is just because of the moisture or if complications have actually occurred. So if you are not sure what to do to get rid of cast smell, call your doctor for a meeting.

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