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How To Get Rid of Cat Allergies

Cats are plain lovely. They will play with you or sit on your lap for a good cuddle. Their fur is soft and smooth that most people cannot help but to stroke them. But, if you are one of those unfortunate people who have cat allergies, then you might not know how nice cats can be. Have no worries though. There are some things you can do in order to avoid cat allergies attack. With these tips, you can even get a pet cat even though you are allergic to them. Here are some things you can follow to get rid of cat allergies.

Add honey to your diet

Honey is one delicious food packed with lots of nutrients. It has been proven to have many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and antibacterial properties. It has been used as a homemade remedy to allergy for a long time now. If you have a cat allergy, you can build up your protection against it and strengthen your immune system by adding honey to your diet. You can substitute sugar with honey and add it to different meals. You can also try to consume two tablespoons of honey everyday to have better protection for cat allergy.


Antihistamines are medical prescriptions that can ease an allergic reaction. It can also protect a person for some hours. If you want to pet those cute, little cats and kittens, get antihistamine or other allergy medicines. There are many medications for allergy that are available on pharmacies. You can simply by this over the counter. For ongoing allergy medication, consult a doctor.

Choose allergy-free cats

Although cats are basically all the same, there are some breeds which can trigger lesser allergic reactions. These are those cats that emit little amount of allergens, particularly the Fel d 1. These allergens that come from cats are actually the ones that cause the allergic reaction.

Female cats are said to produce less allergens than male cats. The color of the cat can also imply the amount of allergens it produces. Light-colored cats give off less allergen than dark-colored cats. You can also opt for short-haired cats as allergens stick to long fur. So if you want to get near a cat, get near a light-colored, short hair female cat.

Get allergy vaccines

Cat allergy vaccines are available for those who have allergies to cats. From time to time, you will be injected with vaccines that fight off allergens until your immune system is strong enough to tolerate cats. This vaccination process for allergies is called Allergen Immunotherapy. Although it might seem expensive, vaccines are only done a few times per year so it is quite cheaper than taking in medications every day.

Keep the cat clean

Keeping the cat clean can help reduce the amount of allergens that have stuck on the cat’s fur. Bathe the cats one to two times a week, using professional pet care products. Remember to choose products that are especially for cats as using human hair shampoo on them can irritate their skin.

Anti-allergy spray

Spray-on anti-allergy products have been introduced in the market for some years now. These products are very handy and convenient. Simply spraying them on the cat can reduce the allergen that it produces for some hours. This will help make the cats more tolerable than usual.

Ask for advice

Nothing beats the advice of experts. If you want to get rid of cat allergies, you should go to a doctor and ask for professional help.

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