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How To Get Rid of Cat Fleas

Cats make adorable pets. They are warm, cuddly and just plain nice. Some people just love to stroke their soft fur and hear their silent purr. However, cat fleas can start to infest cats which can make people to stay away from them.

Cat flea infestation is a very common condition that affects cat. As a matter of fact, cat fleas are actually the most common type of fleas out there. They can make cats uncomfortable and can even bring your cat major illness. They are just plain unwanted and annoying! Cat fleas can greatly lessen the affection of the master to its pet. If your cat has fleas, then you should try to remove them right away. Here are some things for you to do to get rid of cat fleas.

Check your cat

Before you take any actions, you must check and recheck your cat first for fleas. Fleas fly around and you should check if there are lots of fleas on your cat or if it is just a random flea that rested on your cat. Seeing one flea on your cat’s fur can make you jump and diagnose it with flea problem right away and it can be both stressing for you and your pet. So before you make any actions, simply part your cat’s fur and see if there are other fleas housing on your pet. Other signs of flea infestation also include itching, scratching, and excessive licking on his back and legs.

Clean your house and environment

Your cat might have acquired its fleas inside your house. Take note that cat’s can get fleas from anywhere and not just outside your home. Truth is there might be 90% more fleas flying around your house. The best thing to do is to clean your house thoroughly. Wipe off dusty surfaces, vacuum the floor, carpeting and rugs. Do a general cleaning and disinfect your home.

Clean your cat

After you have cleaned your home, then you can clean your cat. Although it is quite hard to wash a cat, and you might really struggle with bathing it, you have to bathe your pet clean in water. Use flea shampoo to kill those fleas on your cat’s fur. You can get this in the local pet shop. Just check the label and follow the directions on how to use this anti-fleas shampoo. After you have bathed it, while the fur is still wet, use flea comb to remove the pests. Fleas are easier to remove when the fur is wet and slick.

Topical cream and medicine

Once you have cleaned your cat, you should apply topical cream treatment to kill the remaining fleas. This will also prevent them from coming back again. You can go to the local pet shop and ask for a topical cat flea cream that you can use for your cat. This kind of treatment is quite easy to apply and it works effectively.

Check up with the veterinarian

When your cat has fleas, the best thing to do is to have your pet checked up by the veterinarian. The vet knows the right things to do to get rid of those fleas. You might need to pay him some cash for the check up but just think about the comfort that you and your cat can achieve once those fleas are gone.

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