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How To Get Rid of Cat Litter Box Smell

Generally, having pets in your home can make your house smell quite different. Unlike humans, animals do not really pay attention to their cleanliness so their owners must be able to control their pets’ smell. If you have a cat, there will be times when they start to get smelly. And often times, their bad smell come from the cat litter box. If you want to get rid of cat litter box smell, here are some things that you can try to do:

Opt for high quality litter box

If you do not want your cat litter box to start smelling after a day or two, you should opt to use a litter box made with high quality products.  For cats, the best litter box is the ones made with plastic. Plastic does not absorb urine smell and it is easy to clean. They are also durable so they will not wear out even if you cat scratched and scratched it. Another good thing is that plastic litter boxes come in different colors that can match your house color.

Proper litter box location

You cannot just put a little box on a side and forget about it. When you have a cat, place the litter box on wide, spacious places. Placing litter boxes on small areas will make the smell even worse. Most people like placing litter boxes on entryways and laundry rooms. You can also make a cat little box cover but be sure that your cat will be able to freely move inside it.

Also, having one cat does not mean that you should only prepare one cat litter box. It will be better if you will put other cat litter boxes in different sides of your house.

Clean the litter box

The best way to get rid of cat litter box smell is to keep it clean. Every day, you must take out the clumps from the litter box to minimize the other. Then clean the whole cat litter box one to two times a week. When you clean the litter box, remove all its contents first. Wash the litter box with soap, hot water and little bleach. Let the litter box completely dry then add some new litter. Some people make several alternating layers with baking soda and litter since baking soda can absorb bad smell. Also, it will be good to keep the whole area clean.

Spray with disinfectant

Every now and then, it will be good if you can disinfect the cat litter box. There are bleach and disinfectants sprays that are available in the market. If you have a cat, it is advisable to get one. Whenever you remove clumps from the litter box, you can spray it with some disinfectant.

Take out the litter

If your cat has recently released litter, you should take it out as soon as possible so that the smell will not linger. Lighting a match and blowing it afterwards will also help absorb the remaining bad odor ions in the air together with the baking soda.

Feed your cat right

Sometimes, cat litter boxes smell so horrible because the cat litter itself is very unpleasant. You can alter your cat’s diet so that his litter will not be too smelly anymore. Ask your vet for the right food and nutrition for your cat.

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