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How To Get Rid of Cat Matted Hair

One of the most annoying things for cats is cat matted hair. Cat matted hair are cat hair that has tangled and formed together. These make cats very uncomfortable. It can also cause pain because it feels like their fur is being pulled every time the cat moves.

You will be able to tell that your pet has cat matted hair if it constantly bites, pulls or scratches its own fur coating. Because of this irritation, cats can hurt themselves. Before your cat goes wild with too much annoyance and pain from cat matted hair, you should do something to remove it as soon as you can. The following are some tips that you can do in order to get rid of cat matted hair

Set your cat’s mood

It is not a foreign knowledge that pet cats are not the tamest animals. Even though they are small, they are still a part of the fierce cat family. Before you start to get rid of cat matted hair, you must first set your cat’s mood in order for it to behave during the whole de-mating process. Be extra nice to your cat before you take out those cat matted hair. Play with your pet and give it treats and when it has finally relaxed, it is the right time to start de-matting.

Use conditioner

Conditioner makes the hair softer and smoother. When you use conditioner, it will be easier to comb through tangled hair. If your cat do not have too much cat matted hair yet, you can get a cat-friendly hair conditioner, and use it on your cat. Just wet the cat matted hair area, rub some conditioner on it and wash with lukewarm water.

Comb your cat’s hair

If cat matted hair are not that old yet, it can still easily be removed with just combing. Use a fine tooth rotating steel comb and slide it along your cat’s fur. Do not tug wildly to remove cat matted hair. Remember, cat matted hair are painful for your cats. Rotating steel comb are advisable because you do not have to tug on tangled hair as much as you would with a regular comb since it rolls and slides along the length of your cat’s hair, but if you do not have this kind of comb, regular comb will do. Just be extra gentle.

Cut it with scissors

If the cat matted hair has already formed and you cannot just untangle it with comb, you can first rub some talcum powder over the matted hair area. Comb your cat’s fur and when you found the cat mat with the teeth of the comb, get a pair of scissors and cut the mat. Just gently pull the hair away from the skin, enough for the scissors to gain access to the roots of the matted cat hair. It is advisable to use scissors with blunt end such as nose hair scissors.

Have your cat groomed

If you are afraid that you will hurt your pet in the process of de-matting, you can take your cat to the local pet parlor. Pet stylists are experts when it comes to removing cat matted hair so you do not need to worry if your pets are in the hands on experts. For some bucks, you can have your cat completely groomed and free of mats.

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