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How To Get Rid of Cat Odors

Cats and kittens have this distinct odor. Most of the times, this cat odors is not really pleasing to the nose. If your cat smells, no one will be interested to play with them. It can also give your guests a bad impression if they see your smelly cat walking around why you are having a chit chat. Cat odors plainly turn off people.

Even though cats and kittens are just plain adorable, they lose their charm when they start to smell. Often, their bad odor is caused by their bad smelling environment. So at all times, the cat’s environment which is your home must be maintained and cleaned if you do not want to end up with a smelly cat and a smelly house. In simple words, cat odors are a bad odor and it must be eliminated right away. If you are interested in knowing how to get rid of cat odors, read the following tips and tricks:

Practice proper hygiene on your cats

Cats are known to fear water. Nevertheless, you will have to train your pet to get used with bathing and cleaning. Cats are hairy and bacteria sticks to hair easily. These bacteria are the ones responsible for that unwanted cat odors.

Normally, cats make themselves clean but if they have a bad odor, you should opt to bathe them when their smell gets strong. Bathing a cat is hard. Cats will freak out if you are harsh, but if you are gentle, they will be able to tolerate the water.

Use special products

Cats have sensitive skin and they can have unwanted reaction to products which are not exclusively for cats. If you need shampoo, soap, ointments, canned foods, and more, always buy those products which are specifically for cats only. These products have distinct formulation that suits cats well. Using human or other animal products on cats is a major no-no as it can leave your cat smelling bad. They might even have a bad reaction to the non-cat friendly product and get sick.  Also check with various cat odor sprays that are on the market.

Keep their surroundings clean

As mentioned before, cats may have acquired their bad odor from the environment they live at. If your home is unclean, cats will acquire dirt and bacteria and even unwanted, icky fleas! SO if you are housing any pet, always keep your house clean. Use vacuum, spray disinfectant and air ionizers to minimize the amount of bacteria and viruses lingering around. It might also be good to avoid using cleaners containing ammonia as it has a bad smell that can stick to the cat and can even encourage it to get dirty.

Clean your cat’s cage and litter box

Cat cage and litter box are usually the culprit for a smelly cat or a smelly home. Replace the litter in your cat’s litter box weekly to prevent it from getting smelly. Always remove all the cat litter on it as well so that the next time your cat uses it, the former litter will not stick to your cat’s hair. Just simply clean your cat’s cage or litter box with warm soapy water and disinfect it afterwards.

Go for a check-up

There is a difference between an unclean cat odors and sick cat odors. If your cat smells because of the dirty surroundings, then their smell should be like what your home or their cage smells like. But if the cat has this distinct smell that you cannot describe, it might be a sign of an illness. If this is the case, take the cat to the vet right away for examination.

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