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How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell

The smell of a cat’s urine is definitely one of a kind. It’s an intense odor that can surely disturb the senses of those around the perimeter. Aside from that strong odor itself, removing it is not a simple thing either. It takes a lot of labor if you want to completely eliminate it. Sometimes, doing shortcuts or the easy way just makes the smell disappear temporarily. It soon reactivates before you know it.

It is important to remove the smell completely so the cat won’t urinate again in that area. Those areas are the ones they consider their territory. Here are some tips to eliminate the cat urine smell effectively:

Consider using vinegar and watch the magic!

Before washing the clothes, rags or any fabric that has been urinated on, consider soaking it in vinegar first. Vinegar helps remove the smell effectively. If you can have an apple cider vinegar readily available, add ¼ cup of this on the washer along with your usual detergent. It should do the magic!

You may also apply vinegar in wiping the area that has been affected. Wipe it with paper (newspaper for example) that has been wet with vinegar and let the residue evaporate. Repeat this step at least 3 times before applying your usual cleaning aid. Finish it up by spraying disinfectants on the area.

You may have to bleach it

Bleach has not really been advised due to the relatively harmful mixture of the ammonia which is found on the urine, and bleach. However, there is a way around this factor. Clean the area until no more liquid is found anywhere. Brush the area with soap and water, and wipe it until no more trace of crystals or any forms of residue can be found. Repeat these steps as necessary. Don’t do shortcuts. It is for your own good. When your judgment says that it is now safe to apply bleach, do so. Soak a wiping cloth with bleach and wipe it all over the area.

Clean up their place

Most importantly, you have to understand that cats are meticulous animals. They don’t like to pee on dirty areas. It is empirical that you maintain their usual peeing place clean so they don’t look for another and run into your carpet.

Cover with baking powder

A great home remedy will require both vinegar and baking soda.  What you’re going to want to do is mix the baking soda and vinegar in a bucket of hot water.  It’s best to have about 75% water, 25% vinegar.   Pour the water over the urine spot and let the water soak for a few minutes.  After about 5 minutes, sprinkle the baking soda over the entire area.  Upon sprinkling the baking soda, proceed to scrub the area for a few minutes.  Don’t scrub too hard as you may ruin the carpet fibers.  Let it sit for 24 hours.  You may have to repeat a few more times to see a great improvement.

Consider top selling products online

A great tip to use is to search online ecommerce stores to see what other people are using, as well as what works.  Check the reviews and see what worked for most.    Some of the most popular products that have worked for others include Nature’s Miracle for Cats and Icky Poo Odor Remover.  Most products won’t cost no more than $30.

Get a professional carpet cleaning

Many professional carpet cleaners have solutions that work with horrid smells such as cat urine.  If you’re finding that  you can’t get the smell out with home remedy solutions, or even with bleach, etc, it may be best to have a professional company come in and clean it.

Cat Urine Cleaner

A cat’s urine exhibits this tremendously intense stench due to the protein it has. As cat urine desiccates on the carpet or the doormat it produces crystals and those crystals are what emits the severe cat urine smell. These crystals also make cat urine hard to get rid of. Use of a cleaner can shatter down the materialized crystals in order to entirely do away with the powerful whiff. Numerous cat urine cleaners are on hand in the market. Most of them consist of germs and enzymes that chemically act in response to the urine to take away the odor and tidying becomes simpler. A cat urine specific product is your best bet for this problem. Most pet stores offer these products or you can buy it online.

Start replacing the carpet

For those with heavy duty problems, it may be time to consider eating your losses and replacing everything from the carpet to the padding.  If you’ve tried everything and have found the problems just won’t go away, it may be ideal to get the duct work cleaned, as well as get the carpet replaced 100%.

  1. Keith Said,

    Cascade powder dishwasher detergent sprinkled over area and gently worked in (walked on) worked so well you could put your nose on the carpet and it smells fresh.

What worked for you?

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