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How To Get Rid of Caterpillars

Caterpillars are tiny creatures that seem to creep out most people, especially kids and ladies. Most of the times, they even become pests on your garden because they eat a lot, and they eat your plant’s leaves.

Whether there’s only one caterpillar on your home that creeps you out or a bunch of caterpillars feeding on your plants, you may want to just get rid of them all. And if you do want to get rid of those caterpillars, here are some things you can do to remove them.

Pick and throw

Caterpillars are not really harmful. They cannot hurt you unlike other insects. So if there are just a few caterpillars that you want to get rid of, you can just simply handpick them and throw them away. For your safety, use hand gloves and prepare a container, preferably a jar. Pick the caterpillars and seal them inside your container. Then you can just throw the caterpillars away.

Remove the nest

Caterpillars have quite a short span of life. So instead of focusing on caterpillars alone, you should also track their nests and kill their eggs. This way, there will be no more caterpillars to disturb you in the future.

BT spray

BT or Bacillus Thuringiensis is a bacterium that is commonly used in getting rid of caterpillars. They are bacteria that can kill caterpillars instantly. You can get BT pesticides in liquid or powder form. If you want to kill those caterpillars instantly, with just one application, it is advised that you opt for liquid BT sprays. This is because it works faster than powder BT pesticides. When doing using pesticides, always be careful and understand the directions before doing it.

Chili garlic pesticide

You can make a homemade organic pesticide if you do not want to waste money for BT sprays. With just some cloves of garlic and chili, you can make your own pesticide formula. Just crush some garlic cloves and chili then mix it with water. Pour this mixture on a spray bottle and spray down those caterpillars.

Soap and water

Soap and water can also kill caterpillars. Mix some detergent or liquid soap with water, and spray it to the caterpillars around your home or your garden.

Feed them to other pests

If you can tolerate frogs, lizards or wasps better than caterpillar, then you can get some and place them on your garden. These predatory pests feed on caterpillars and when you introduce them to your garden, they will eat those caterpillars.

Let them evolve

If you do not really want to kill the caterpillars, you can seal them away until they evolve to lovely butterflies. You can pick them and seal them in a jar container. Make some holes on the jar’s cover and add some leaves for them to feed on. Leave them to rest for about a week until they turn into pupae and later on, butterflies.

Change your gardening methods

In some cases, caterpillars appear because of poor gardening practices of the gardener. If caterpillars just keep appearing on your plants, then maybe there is something wrong with what you are planting. The best thing to do is ask an expert gardener or make a research about the matter.

Pest control

Although it may be costly, calling for help for pest control may be better. If you are willing to spend some cash and the caterpillars are just too tough, then go and ask for help. It can save you energy, effort and time.

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