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How To Get Rid of Catnip Plants

Catnip is the best plant to grow in your garden if you want to attract cats. It is a member of the mint family which is just simply lovely for cat’s eyes. Catnip plants can also be used in other ways such as homemade medicine and illness remedies. It can be made into tea as well, which can promote a healthier body.

Although catnip plants are generally seen to be a good addition to any garden, they are quite hard to manage. Catnip plants can grow in almost any type of soil and can survive even with little sunshine. These plants need care, not because they might die if you did not manage them, but because they can multiply and overtake your whole garden. If you are facing this problem, you can do the following things to get rid of catnip plants.

Sprinkle some salt

One organic way to kill those catnip plants is by using salt on them. Just simply get some handful of table salt and sprinkle it all over the area where the catnip plants are growing. Salt is quite effective in killing catnip plants, although the result may still vary depending on how will the catnip plants have grown. When you do this method, be sure that it is dry outside for the salt to be able to do its work.

Spray some vinegar

Another organic way of getting rid of catnip plants is to use vinegar on them. Pure vinegar has strong, acidic contents that can kill the roots of these catnip plants. Simply get a bottle sprayer and fill it with pure vinegar. Spray the vinegar contents over the catnip plants and soil. This method is only effective when the sun is up. The heat of the sun and the vinegar contents work together to kill catnip plants.

Pour boiling water

Although this method is not really that widely used, sometimes, pouring boiling water over plants and weeds can kill them. Bring to a boil some cups of water and pour it over to the catnip plants.

Weed killer

If you are fine with using chemicals, then you can simply get herbicides or weed killer. If you will be buying one, get the kind which is the least harmful to the soil and other plants. Basically, spraying down weed killer or herbicide on the catnip plants is quite effective. Just make sure that when you use weedkillers or herbicides, you have understood how to administer it properly.

Hand-pull method

Probably one of the best methods to get rid of any kind of plant or weed is to manually pull it from the ground. Go out on your garden early in the morning and get your hands to work. Simply pull out the catnip plants from the soil. Remember to pull out the whole catnip plant including its root. Merely cutting them will not completely kill the plant.

Suffocate the plants

You can get rid of catnip plants by suffocating them. Although catnip plants can survive even with little sunlight and water, they will not live if they are not provided these resources for a long time. Get some newspaper and cover the catnip plants with layers and layers of it for a couple of weeks. Do not water the plants. In case rain falls, just simply replace the newspaper with new ones. This method, when completed, will dry out the catnip plants and you can just get them from the soil and throw them away.

Call a gardener

If you cannot get rid of the catnip plants, you can seek the help of a gardener. Ask advices on what you should do or better yet, just hire a gardener who will remove the catnip plants for you.

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