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How To Get Rid of Cattle Lice

During the winter season, the power of sunlight becomes a little weaker. This will result for the decrease of vitamins from the sun such as Vitamin A and E. This can greatly affect different plants and animals like livestock cattle. Because of the lack of these necessary nutrients, and crowding of herds during this season, cattle are at risk of getting cattle lice.

Cattle lice are pests that affect livestock animals. In fact, studies show that cattle lice infestation can decrease cattle producers’ amounting to as much as a hundred million annually. That is why cattle must be protected from cattle lice whole year long. Although cattle lice infestation is at its peak during winter season, it can occur anytime of the year. If you’re a cattle owner who suspects your cattle to have been infected by cattle lice, here are some things you can do to get rid of cattle lice.

Properly monitor your cattle

If you keep your cattle monitored, then you can prevent cattle lice from infesting your livestock. Twice a month, randomly check up all or some of your cattle for cattle lice. Select some cows, calves or other livestock animals that you have. Inspect these randomly chosen animals, especially in the backside, neck and tail areas. Get a light, part the animal’s hair and examine if there are cattle lice. Do this regularly every month so you can properly monitor your cattle.

Bathe and groom your cattle

Although cattle are pretty low-maintenance, once those cattle lice hit them, cattle must be given extra care. You should bathe those using specialized livestock soap and water. Scrub them to remove dirt and other pests such as cattle lice. After washing, brush their hair. If you only have a small number of cattle, you can have them groomed to save you time and effort.

Nourish them properly

Make sure that your cattle are getting the best nutrition possible. Like humans and other animals, well-fed cattle have stronger health. Cattle lice also do not stay on healthy cattle so if you want these pests and other illnesses in general to stay away from your cattle, feed them the right food and add some nutritional supplements if you can.

Use parasiticides

If ever you found some lice on your cattle, with 50 cattle lice being the basis of a major infestation, you can get parasiticides and use it to kill the cattle lice. Parasiticides like ivomectin and doramectin are readily available in the market. These are very powerful and effective and can take away cattle lice for a long time even when used only once. Just make sure to read the label and follow the instructions carefully to avoid harming your cattle.

Clean the barn

If you want to avoid cattle lice and other livestock pests, you must keep the barn clean at all times. In case some of your cattle have been diagnosed with cattle lice, immediately isolate them from other uninfected cattle. It is also good if you can house the small calves outdoor instead of housing them on the communal pens, since they are more prone to pests and other bacteria.

Call for help

Cattle lice can become a major disaster when not treated properly. You can call experts for help if you need further assistance on how to get rid of cattle lice. Cattle owners are also urged to follow anti-parasite programs and it might be helpful to employ this for your cattle’s sake.

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