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How To Get Rid of Cauliflower Smell

Do you want to get healthy? If you do, then the best way is to eat lots of beneficial vegetables and fruits. And one of the best vegetables out there comes from the cruciferous family. That means you should eat vegetables like cauliflower. Cauliflower contains a lot of health benefits; however, it does not smell too great at all.

Eating cauliflower can do your body great, but the preparation of cauliflower might not really be fun because it has a distinct odor that is not pleasing to your nose. Do not worry though, because there are easy solutions to remove the smell of cauliflower. If you want to know how to get rid of cauliflower smell, here are things that you can do.

Eat it raw

Cauliflower starts to give off that undesirable smell once it gets cooked. This is because cauliflower, same with other vegetables, contains some chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide that mixes with the air when they evaporate. These natural chemicals are only activated if the cauliflower is heated. If it is not really necessary to cook the cauliflower, you can eat it fresh and raw. You will get that same amount of benefits and delicious taste without smelling the bad odor of cooking cauliflower.

Add bay leaf

If you really want to cook the cauliflower, you can add bay leaf to your cauliflower. First, wash the cauliflower, take out the leaves and cut it into pieces. Lightly cook it in boiling water and add bay leaf. The smell of cauliflower will be masked by the smell of the bay leaf. Bay leaf has no flavor by itself. It merely improves the flavor of foods so it is safe to use as it will not ruin the taste of cauliflower.

Use some vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most convenient home solutions when it comes to getting rid of unwanted smells. White vinegar or apple cider vinegar is very effective in removing that cauliflower smell when it is being cooked. Be careful when using vinegar though. It is quite flavorful so adding a little vinegar over cauliflower will alter its taste. If you want your cauliflower to be flavorful, then adding vinegar is fine but if you want to retain the real taste of cauliflower, then you can try to pour some vinegar over a bowl and place this near your stove. The smell of the cauliflower will be absorbed by the bowl of vinegar next to it so the unwanted smell will not be too powerful.

Drop some vanilla extract

Vanilla is known as a great food flavor enhancer. It also has a pleasant smell that will override the unwanted smell of cooking cauliflower. Just boil the cauliflower and add a teaspoon of vanilla. The aroma of vanilla will sure replace the smell of cauliflower. But, vanilla also has a different flavor and adding it directly on your cauliflower may make it taste a little different so do not use a lot of vanilla if you want to keep the fresh taste of cauliflower.

Boil it with bread

Some people use bread to stop the cauliflower smell from rising up. When you boil cauliflower, you can get rid of the smell by adding a piece of bread. The bread, using its sponges, will absorb the powerful smell of cauliflower, hindering it to evaporate in the air, thus, the cauliflower smell will not spread.

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