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How To Get Rid Of CD Scratches

Today’s technology is simply amazing. Just thinking the media section of our technology is proof of that. From projector movies to VHS, and from VHS to CD’s. As time progresses, people’s tech are becoming more and more compact. Even today, you won’t find any more floppy disks. Everything is either in CD’s, USB’s, or even cellphone. But unlike the older days when VHS and cartridges ruled the home video and gaming department, today’s CD’s and memory sticks have one common problem. Let’s say that you are picking your afternoon movie to watch. The VHS falls about 4 feet to the ground. That would be the end of your VHS. But if it was a CD, you could get away with just a scratch. But even then, scratches accumulate and can cause your media to malfunction and play improperly.

CD scratches are a common problem to their owners. Even if they handle the merchandise with care, CD scratches are hard to prevent. So what happens when a CD gets too many scratches? Either it won’t play properly, display poor image, or even worse, won’t play at all. Imagine wanting to play your favorite video game but can’t since the CD has a lot of scratches. That would really suck, right? A good CD without scratches can operate to its fullest when it is new and with no scratches. While you all know that preventing scratches is the best solution, for those who were already a victim, here are a few tips on how to get rid of CD scratches.

Start with the minor solutions

To save yourself time and effort, you can try doing the simple solutions first. Your CD could just be dirty. Use liquid soap and warm water to gently clean the CD. Do not use towels to dry it. Instead, leave it someplace it can air-dry safely. After the CD completely dries, try playing it.

Know where the scratches are

Do a quick scan of the CD’s surface. Scout the scratches around the circle of the disc since those are what’s causing the problems 50% of the time. Scanning does not take long and you probably will be able to identify what is causing your disc to not operate properly in just a few seconds. After doing a quick check, you are now ready to clean your disc.

Use toothpaste

One solution to get rid of CD scratches is to use toothpaste to clean it out. Use a very soft rag and apply the toothpaste. Then, move the rag from the center of the disc to the outer part. Repeat until you have cleaned the entire disc surface. If your CD IS scratch sensitive, buying a DVD or Disc Cleaner will be the best way to go. Use warm water to rinse the CD and air-dry as well.

Try playing the disc

Try playing the disc once more and see if it runs. If it runs but skips in some part, you should try cleaning it some more. If it does not work at all, then there are no other alternative solution. Either buy a new copy of the same disc, or try to burn one using your computer. For prevention of getting scratches, be sure to store your CD’s properly. Moreover, always use your CD with gentle care.

What worked for you?

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