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How To Get Rid Of Cedar Smell

Do you have a closet that gives of this cedar smell? Cedar smell can be aromatic, but if it is gets too much, the odor can make noses crinkle as well. Cedar materials have natural oils with them that might be causing the fume. And because the smell is natural; you cannot really get rid of the odor itself.

Are you tired of smelling that cedar odor that is just plain unpleasant to your nose? What you can do is just to minimize it using some materials that will absorb or shoo away the cedar smell. If you are getting bothered by the strong scent coming out from your closet, you can do some things that will reduce the fume coming from it.

Leave the closet open

The cedar fume is coming from the wood materials of your closet. If your closet is still new, the odor will still be strong. Overtime, the cedar smell will go away. TO speed up the process, you can just leave the closet open so that the air will be able to circulate freely. When the air continuously gets in contact with the wood, the cedar oil will dry out and the smell will be lessened.

Aside from just leaving the closet open, you can also fan it so that the oil will dry out even faster. Just use a small electric fan to improve the air ventilation.

Vinegar spray

Vinegar is known to be one of those home materials that can aid in removing unwanted odors in the air. Simply get a spray bottle and create a mixture of water and vinegar. Remove all your clothes and stuffs form the cabinet and spray the vinegar around the cabinet. Let the solution dry up a little bit. You might need to do this method a couple of times before you can completely get rid of the cedar smell.

You can also wash your closet with vinegar and water. Just dip a sponge or cloth on a vinegar and water solution and rub it inside the cabinet. Then, using a dry rug, wipe the closet. You can also use an electric fan to speed up the drying process.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is another great remedy for cedar smells. You can just purchase some boxes of baking soda from your local grocery shop. Open up these boxes and set them inside your closet. Leave the baking soda boxes inside the closet for a couple of weeks until the baking soda has completely absorbed the cedar smell.

If the cedar smell is not too strong, you can also just sprinkle baking soda all over your closet and leave it overnight. The following morning, just vacuum up the closet to remove baking soda residue.

Get some activated carbon

Activated carbon acts as a filter. It is most commonly used in filtering aquariums and absorbing unwanted odors. Just get a few jars and fill them with some activated carbon. Punch holes on the lids of the jars and set them up inside the closet. Like baking soda, the activated carbon will absorb the cedar smell, leaving your closet free of that strong fume.

Brush some lacquer varnish

Lacquer varnish is a common wood varnish that gives furniture that glossy and smooth touch. When used with cedar wood, the lacquer varnish will seal wood pores that give off the cedar fume. Once the pores have been sealed, the cedar fume will not be able to escape from your closet.

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