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How To Get Rid Of Ceiling Mold

Molds can appear almost anywhere as long as the area is moist. Bathroom floors, kitchen tiles, and garage, basement, patio and garden veranda – these are the areas that are most prone to molds. If you visit a room that is usually moist, look up at the ceiling and you are most likely to see those slimy, dark green clumps of dirt. The ceiling is prone to molds because the ceiling seeps up the water and moisture that is brought about by rainy season or just plain cold weather.

If you live in an area where the rainfall is abundant, you are most likely to have ceiling that is full of molds. Of course, that is if you do not clean your area regularly. So if you happen to be a busy person that you do not have the chance to clean up all the corners of your house every time, it is very likely that molds are growing in your home’s ceiling. Molds are very dangerous because, not only do they look filthy, but they also are full of bacteria which, once inhaled by a human, may cause him to have diseases. So if you have a ceiling that is filled with molds, here are some things that you can do in order to get rid of ceiling molds.

Wipe off the mold

The first and the most hassle-free way to get rid of the molds is to simply white it off. You can just get a rag that has been dipped in water. Then, set up a ladder right below the mold clumps. Climb up the ladder and try to wipe the molds with the damp rag. This method works with ceilings that are made of glossy materials. You can also try using a mop with long handle as an alternative to using a ladder.

Use bleach

Bleach is one of the most powerful chemicals that can help remove clumps of mold wherever they may be. If plain water did not work, you can try mixing bleach and water and dipping the rag in this solution. Go climb up the ladder again and try scrubbing off those molds with the rag. Same with the first step, you can also just attach the rag in a long mop handle.

Spray chlorine bleach

If you were not able to get rid of the molds with bleach right away, you can try soaking the molds first. Make water and bleach solution and pour it inside a spray bottle. Then, spray those molds with your solution. Leave it for about an hour or so until you notice the molds have become lighter in color. When the molds have turned white, it means that they are dead are easier to scrub off. Get on the ladder again, and using a soft-bristled scrub or rag, try to remove those molds.

Sand the area

If after you have removed the molds, some stains are left, you can try sanding up your ceiling. Just get fine sandpaper and sand those stain spots. It should come off in just a few minutes.

Repaint your ceiling

Some mold stain spots may not really come off. What you can do to get rid of these remaining stains; you can use stain-covering paint. You can get this kind of paint at almost any home improvement store. Use this to repaint your ceiling and cover up stains that the mold has left.

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