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How To Get Rid Of Cement Bugs

Cement bugs are no cute ladybugs. They will infest your home and damage your properties. And when someone steps on them, you cannot celebrate their death just yet because cement bugs may leave a mark on your beautiful patio. Besides being a common pest in your patio, cement bugs are pest all around your house. Not only do they swarm your plants when alive, they are still pests even when dead they are already dead.

Cement bugs must be removed right away when you see the first signs of these pests. Your place will turn into a home for these cement bugs if you don’t do something to get rid of them. Of all the cement bugs, the small red mites are the most common and are usually the cause of the most problems. Not only do they wreak havoc on your plants by sucking on its nutrients, but their webs are of annoyance to anything it occupies as well. They must be disposed of like the rest of the cement bugs. Nuisance when alive, nuisance even in death – that is how those cement bugs go. So how can you get rid of these pests once and for all? Here are tips to get rid of cement bugs.

Move your plants

Instead of placing your movable plants adjacent to each other and near your patio or walls, place them where they are isolated from each other and away from your house’s surface. For better results, place them where there is less direct sunlight. Most of these bugs love sunlight and you want to be mean and not let them have it their way. This will save your patio and your plants from these parasites. If the plants that those bugs love are away, they will not gain easy access inside your house as well.

Make everyday a rainy day

Cement bugs such as mites hates humidity and moisture. Use this to your advantage by misting your concrete about two times a day with your hose. This will discourage any would-be mites and cement bugs to take residence around your porch. A saturated patio is a less bug infested patio. However, keeping your house walls damp may give rise to molds. SO instead of just making your walls damp, you should try to monitor it as well so that molds will be prevented.

Use acid

Is your “rain method” not keeping the bugs away? Then why not use “acid rain”? Mix about a 1/2 water and 1/2 alcohol solution. Now, where the cement bugs are taking residence, start applying this solution in every inch of the area. The mixture can be of any amount but the more alcohol you administer, the more potent the “acid rain” will be. Misting your patio with this is also a good way to keep those bugs away.

Fight fire with fire

Simply speaking, hire some predator mites. These mites won’t touch your plants. Instead, they will inflict tremendous amount of pain upon their brother mites and other bugs around your patio. Refer to a mite expert on how to deploy these predator mites so you will not end up with a bigger bug infestation.

Call a professional bug exterminator

If all else fails, maybe it should be better to just call a professional bug exterminator and hire him for his services.

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