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How To Get Rid Of Centipedes

Do you often encounter creepy crawlers inside your home? Do you always see those frightening 100-legged centipedes around your lot? There are many insects that can infest your homes and centipedes are one of the most frightening of them all. The bad news is that there are actually thousands of centipede species all around the globe and house centipedes are the most common. These creepy crawlers can appear everywhere. They do not really choose a certain kind of land terrain and climate so no one is excused from getting visits from these centipedes.

Centipedes also bring bacteria and germs that can harm your family. There are many diseases that you can get when you get in direct contact with these insects. For this reason, you should try to remove centipedes in your house at first sight. If you did not do anything to stop centipedes from visiting your lot, you are in for a big infestation. Centipedes are just plain unwanted, so if you have them in your house and you just want to get rid of centipedes, here are some things you can do.

Call the exterminator

One of the first steps that you can do is to just call an exterminator. If you are not really skilled with removing insects around the house, and you have this phobia for centipedes, then you can just hire an exterminator and pay for his services. Of course, this is only practical if there are a lot of centipedes in your home and if you have some extra cash to pay for the exterminator.  Use sites such as ServiceMagic to find the lowest quotes in your area.

Smash it

If you do not usually see centipedes around your house and one stumbled upon your house, you can simply just smash the centipede with your shoe. Step on it hard so you can be sure that the centipede is crushed and dead. If you hit and miss, the centipede will have the chance to hide quickly because they have 100 legs that make them crawl fast.

Get natural pesticides

There are some natural pesticides that you can buy on the local market. It might be a good idea to keep a pesticide at your home, especially if you constantly deal with different kinds of insects and bugs. Natural pesticides are better than regular pesticides because they do not cause too much harm for your family and pets, but in terms of effectiveness, regular pesticides can kill centipedes as well. Simply get your pesticide and spray it on the centipede.

If you suspect that there are many centipedes around, you should first search for their hideout and spray ample amount of pesticide on the centipede lair.

Set up sticky traps

There are many sticky traps that you can readily buy on the market. You can just get some sticky traps and set them up around your house. Sticky traps work with almost all pests, from bugs to rats. Just lay those sticky traps around, especially in places where the moisture is high. Be sure to check the traps every now and then once you have set them up. Also, warn your family about the traps so that no accidents can happen.

Keep your place dry

Centipedes love moisture, which is why they are usually found on bathroom and kitchens. If you want less visits from unwanted visitors that are centipedes, be sure to keep your house dry as much as possible.

  1. Mark Johnson Said,

    Great tips. In North America, I only heard of house centipede infestation not the other kind which is more dangerous and sometimes can be deadly.

    Keep up the good work.

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