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How To Get Rid Of Chalk Stains

Chalk is one of the most common drawing and writing materials that you can find in the market. It is often used in schools, particularly in pre-schools. Chalk is a great drawing material for children. It comes in different colors and is pretty easy to use for doodling and drawing. However, there are times when chalk can bring unwanted stains. Because it makes drawing fun for children, sometimes, your kids may have too much fun and end up drawing, not only on chalkboards, but even on their shirts and other fabrics, house furniture and even walls. When you encounter this situation, you might get a headache from thinking how you can get rid of chalk stains.

The good news is that chalk stains are actually pretty easy to get rid of, unlike ink stains. Chalk is a material that is easily erased and removed so you do not need to do intensive removal methods to get rid of those chalk stains. Here are some tips you can follow to get rid of those unwanted stains.

Remove chalk dust

Chalk is actually a solid material. So first, you should remove chalk dust residue on the stained clothing. This will make the removal of the rest of the stain much easier. Simply get a brush or a piece of rag and use it to brush off the chalk dust from the stained item.

Saturate and rub it off

Once you have removed the chalk dust, you can now get rid of the rest of the stain. First, fold some paper towels first and place it in a flat, hard surface. Get the cloth that has been stained and lay it on top of the paper towels, with the stained area facing down. Next, get a cloth that is saturated with alcohol. Use this cloth to rub the back of the area of the cloth with chalk stain. Do this repeatedly until you have seen that all or most of the chalk stain has been removed. Then, get the cloth and rinse it clean with water.

Wash with liquid dishwashing soap

Liquid dishwashing soap is more powerful in removing stains than regular laundry soap. Simply create a mixture out of two cups of cold water and about one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Remember to use liquid soap because bar soaps sometimes contains chalk as well and it might aggravate your problem.

Once you have created a mixture, dip a piece of cloth or sponge into it. Use this to rub and scrub the stained area. Let the soapy mixture sit for another few minutes then continue to launder the cloth with laundry soap and clean water. Hang outside to dry.

Use vacuum

If you are dealing with chalk stains in carpets, simply run your vacuum to remove as much chalk dust as you can. Then, with a solution made from warm water and liquid soap, saturate a piece of cloth. Use this to blot the remaining chalk stain from the carpet. Then wipe it with another clean damp cloth.

Rub it off

For chalk stains in walls and other surfaces, you can just use the same soapy solution using some cups of water and liquid dishwashing soap, or you can use alcohol. Simply saturate a cloth or a sponge and use it to rub the chalk stain off the wall or surface. After you have removed the stain, using a clean damp cloth, wipe the stained area and then, let it dry.

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