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How To Get Rid Of Chameleons

Chameleons are amazing creature. Most people, particularly children, are fascinated by their unique ability to blend with their environment. However, this special ability of chameleon can also be the reason for you to hate this animal. Chameleons are known to be very invasive. Once they find access to your home, they will stay and hang around your garden and even inside your house. Chameleons love to feed on insects, particularly those helpful ones like bees and butterflies. SO if you are a beekeeper or a gardener, you would probably not welcome this animal into your lot.

While chameleons are not really harmful to humans, they can still bring headache to homeowners. So if you have noticed a chameleons lingering around your lot, then you should get rid of them as soon as possible if you do not want your lawn to be lifeless. Here are some simple things that you can do in order to get rid of chameleons and prevent them from coming back.

Find those food sources

Chameleons are lizards and being as such, they love to eat numerous amounts of insects. The more insects you have in your lot, the more attracted the chameleons will be. So what you can do to get rid of those chameleons is to remove the unwanted insects around. First, go around your lot and find the area with the most insects. This is probably where those chameleons will usually hang at.

Use insecticide

The most effective product that you can use to get rid of the insects is insecticide. Of course, most insecticides contain chemicals which are harmful for the human body and the environment, so if you are taking a trip to the home improvement shop, opt to buy an organic insecticide or at least, the one that is known to be the safest to use. Simply take a trip back to the insect lair and use the insecticide to eliminate their population. For more information on how to use the insecticide, read the direction on the product’s label.

Spice them up

For some reason, chameleons do not like hot sauce, particularly because it inflicts burning sensation on their skin. So in order to get rid of the chameleons, you can just mix some water and hot sauce. Put this mixture inside a spray bottle and spray the chameleons with it. This solution will bring great discomfort for those chameleons and they will most likely go away as soon as you have sprayed them with this hot and spicy water solution.

Cool them down

While the hot and spicy water solution may inflict pain on the chameleons, ice cold water will make these lizards slow down. Simply pour iced water on a spray bottle and spray it directly on the chameleons. The cold temperature will make the chameleons move slower so you will have more chance of catching them. And once you have caught them, you can throw them away in a safe place or bring them to the animal shelter.

Get a cat

Lizards like chameleons do not like cats. For them, these cats are big threat. If you do not have a cat, you can get one or borrow a cat from your friends. Make sure that the cat you are adopting is fierce and fast. Then, let the cat roam around your house and chase those chameleons away.

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