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How To Get Rid Of Cicadas

Are you facing a cicada infestation? Do you often see these little black and yellow insects around your house? Cicadas are likes wasps that often invade homes, especially those rooted in unfertilized soil. They build their nest underground so a very common sign of the presence of cicadas, aside from physically seeing them, are small mounds of dirt on your lot. These insects can be tamed but they can also be very dangerous as they are very protective of their lair and once you mess with them, they will not hesitate to sting you. So you better outsmart these little insects before they can even injure you and your household.

Although cicadas seem to be very notorious insects, they will only attack you if you aggravate them. But of course, if these cicadas have invaded your house, then it is inevitable that you will encounter them every day. That is why you should get rid of cicadas once they have swarmed into your home. In order to prevent the worse from happening, you can try these tips on how to get rid of cicadas.

Call a professional wasp’s eliminator

As mentioned, cicadas are very aggressive insects and if you are not sure how to handle them, then you can call someone who is an expert when it comes to eliminating wasps. You will need to pay for his service but at least; you will be able to get rid of cicadas without risking yourself. So if you have a few bucks to spend, call someone who can eliminate the cicadas for you rather than eliminating them yourself.

Pinpoint their location

If you choose to take care of the cicadas yourself, the first thing that you will have to do is to locate their hiding place. Eliminating cicadas all at once is the best thing to do. This way, you will be sure that all the cicadas will die and that they will not be able to multiply anymore. So first, look for those mounds in the ground. Usually, these mounds will have a small hole that serve as the entry and exit point of the cicadas. Once you find it, you will just have to work on destroying the mound.

Prepare the things you need

When you are trying to get rid of cicadas, one of the most powerful methods you can do is to spray their lair with pesticides. Of course, you should not just take a trip there and spray them with the poison right away. Prepare the things you will need first including the pesticide. Check with the local home improvement shop to know the best type of pesticide for the cicadas. Then, prepare your gear as well. Wear gloves, long sleeved shirt and pants, masks and goggles. This is to make sure that you are protected in case the cicadas go wild or the pesticide backfires.

Spray the mound with pesticide

When sunset comes, prepare to take a trip to the mounds. It is best to attack them at this hour because the cicadas will more likely have returned to the mound and they will be tired after a long day. Once you are out there, spray a lot of pesticide directly on the mound, then leave the pesticide to work overnight.

Clean up the remains

Come morning time, check the mound of the cicadas. Sometimes, one-time treatment will not work and you will have to re-apply the treatment. If during the following day you still see some cicadas alive, then repeat the treatment until you do not see any cicada anymore. Clean up the remains once every cicada has been killed.

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