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How To Get Rid Of Cigar Smell

No one likes the smell of cigars but only the smokers themselves. Aside from the smoke’s unpleasant odor, it accompanies many elements that are very harmful to the health of the person who inhales it. Cigar can cause many type of health illness, not only to the person who smokes a cigar, but it can even put those people who inhale the cigar smell in great danger. That is why when you smell the smoke of cigar; you should get away from it. But even though you can run from the cigar smell, the odor will not just dissipate and it might be a bit tricky to remove it.

If you live with someone who smokes cigar, or if you yourself smoke, then your house will most likely smell like it all the time. If you have been out in an area where you were standing next to someone who smokes cigar, then your cloth fabrics would have been contaminated with the smell. Even when you stood in a room for just about a minute where someone has recently smoked a cigar, you can already acquire the smell yourself. So how exactly can you get rid of cigar smell? Here are some tips you can follow.

Stand in front of an electric fan

As soon as you see someone who is smoking cigar, it might be best to stay away from him so you will not encounter the smoke. But in case you already have acquired the smell, one thing you can do is to stand in front of an electric fan so that the smell from the cigar will be blown out of your clothing. This works well if the cigar smell has not penetrated the fabric fibers of your clothes yet.

Use baking soda

Baking soda acts as a powerful absorbent of many unwanted odors including cigar smell. Whether you are dealing with clothes or a room, baking soda can do the trick.

If it is your clothes that smell like cigar, what you can do is to simply sprinkle baking soda all over your clothes and let it stay there for a few hours. Check every now and then if most of the smell has been removed. Once the smell seems very faint, simply shrug off the baking soda from your clothes and launder it with clean water and detergent. Hang to dry.

In case you are dealing with a room that smells like cigar, you can also sprinkle baking soda all around, especially on carpeting and rugs and other furniture covered with fabric. Leave the baking soda to work for a few hours and then use the vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda residue from the room afterwards.

Spray air cleaner

There are many products in the market that you can buy in order to purify the air. These air cleaners work by dissolving unwanted odors and leaving a more pleasant smell in the room. Simply purchase this from your local grocery store and spray inside a room that smells of cigar smoke.

Clean yourself

If you smell like cigar, you can just clean yourself to wash away the cigar smell. Take a shower or bath, brush your teeth and gargle with mouthwash, and the like. Just do the basics when it comes to cleaning yourself and you will be able to remove the cigar smell from your skin.

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