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How To Get Rid of Clammy Hands

Do you have clammy hands? Do you get embarrassed when you shake hands with other people or hold hands with your lover? Clammy or sweaty hands are a very unpleasant condition. When your hands get clammy, they seem to be very dirty and filled with bacteria; hence, it is a major turn off.

The good news is that clammy hands can be treated. There are several options you can choose from when you want to get rid of clammy hands. Here are some tips you can try.

Talk to your doctor

Excessive sweating on hands might be caused by your internal palm structure. Since you cannot really see through your hands, it is best to consult your doctor about this problem. Clammy hands are not really a serious medical condition and can be normally treated. So just go and talk to your doctor about this concern of yours.

Make tea soak

One of the most common home remedy for clammy hands is tea. Tea is healthy for the body internally and externally. It also helps in closing up your pores and treating your overworking sweat glands. Simply get some warm water and add teabag into it. Just place your hands in the tea and soak for about half an hour. Continuous treatment can bring good results.

Put on some antiperspirant

Antiperspirant products are specifically produced because of one purpose – in order to help fight sweating. Naturally, if you perspire too much and your palms get really clammy, then you can try getting antiperspirant and putting it on your palm. Every night before you go to sleep, apply some antiperspirant product to your palm. This will help hinder your sweat glands from producing too much perspiration. Come morning time, wash off the product from your palms and during the day, you might get less clammy hands. When done continuously, you might wake up one day without experiencing clammy hands anymore.

Don’t be stressed

Some people get clammy hands when they feel stressed and anxious. This is just a natural response of the body. If you do not want clammy hands, avoid getting stressed out. Learn to relax and take a breather. This will not just help you get rid of clammy hands, but it will also benefit your whole well-being.

Ask for oral medical prescription

There are oral medical prescriptions that you can intake in order to get rid of clammy hands. Medicines that contain glycopyrrolate and other similar chemicals can help in lessening the anxiety that you feel. Of course, the less anxiety you feel, the less sweat your body will produce. You can ask your doctor about the medicines you can intake.

Undergo iontophoresis treatment

Iontophoresis treatment is one of the most common treatments for clammy hands. Through this, electric current are used in order to control the hands and the sweat glands. Your hands need to be soaked in water and a device will then send the electric current that will spread through your hands. This treatment must be done regularly for a couple of weeks until the sweating is reduced.

Inject Botox to your hands

Botox is said to have effects on the amount of perspiration that your sweat glands produces. If you have some money for a Botox treatment, you can have Botox be injected in your hands. You might not be able to get rid of clammy hands in one treatment, but it can reduce the amount of sweat in your palms.

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