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How To Get Rid of Clicking Jaw

Do you have a problem with clicking jaw? Are you embarrassed of the popping noise that your jaw makes whenever you try to open it and shut it back again? Clicking jaw is one common problem that affects the mandibular bones.  It can be painful and very uncomfortable so it must be treated.

Clicking jaw symptoms usually include pain in the jaw that even extends to the head and back of the ear. Teeth grinding and teeth pain can also be common when you are having a click jaw problem. Clicking jaw should not be ignored because it can give you a hard time controlling your temperomandibular joint that leads to discomfort. Sometimes, you might also experience awkwardness when you are in a silent area with other people due to your clicking jaw. Because of the disadvantages brought to you by this problem, you must give try to treat it. Here are some things you can do to get rid of clicking jaw.

Seek the help of a physician

Clicking jaw has something to do with your bone structure and facial muscles. It might not be as easy to fix as other problems. If your clicking jaw gives you too much pain, then you should go and seek the help of a physician immediately. There might have been something wrong with your facial structures that only a professional can diagnose. So for bad cases of clicking jaw, seek the physician first.

Try relaxing your jaw

If you have put your jaw under too much pressure, your muscles may be under tension and this might cause your jaw to become too loose or too tight. One way to fix this problem is to simply relax your jaw. You can also apply gentle pressure on either side of your jaw while massaging it lightly. You could also just put your fist under your jaw and try opening it while pressing your fist firmly upwards. Repeat this application of pressure until your jaw feels a bit more relaxed.

Do some TMJ exercises

TMJ exercises or temperomandibular exercises are simple routines that physical therapist recommend in order to fix clicking jaw. These exercises help strengthen the facial muscles as well as the mandibular bones. It will also correct and dislocation that may cause the popping of the jaw. You can refer to a physical therapist for more information about the most effective TMJ exercise routines that you can do.

Do regular body exercises

Aside from TMJ exercises, you should never forget about regular exercise routines for your body. Studies show that strain in your back muscles may also affect your mandibular bones. That is why it is also important that you ensure your body muscles as always stretched. Remember that even a 10-minute simple exercise in the morning can make a difference in your body.

Avoid chewing a lot

The popping in your jaw may also be caused by unhealthy habits like chewing on a gum. For a short time, this activity might actually exercise your facial muscles; however, prolonged gum chewing may strain your facial bones and muscles that may lead to clicking jaw. So while you are trying to treat this problem, avoid chewing on a gum and avoid excessive chewing in general.

It will also be helpful if you just eat soft and easily grinded foods so your jaw will have more time to relax and recover.

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