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How To Get Rid of Clover Mites

Are you having problems with clover mites? Are they happily feasting around your house? Clover mites are insects that are common as house pests. They are similar to ticks, and have an appearance of a small reddish insect.

Clover mites are damaging and harmful, thus, they must be eliminated from your house. If you always find clover mites in your house, you must find ways to treat your household from these unwanted pests. Here are some things you can do to get rid of clover mites.

Go for an inspection

To effectively kill clover mites, you should first locate their hang out place. Clover mites are usually found on dirty, unkempt areas like house foundations, basements, attics, sewers and drains and even your yard. Clover mites also love to feast on areas where there are algae, molds and mildew so watch out for these places in your lot. Once you find where the clover mites are, you can now start the treatment.

Use a vacuum

One easy way to get rid of clover mites is to use a vacuum to draw them up. At night, go around the nesting place of the clover mites. Run your vacuum and point it towards the clover mites so it can absorb these pests. Once you have gathered the clover mites, release them in a bucket of hot water with liquid dish soap. This will poison the clover mites to death.

Sprinkle borax around

Borax has the ability to kill clover mites. It will suffocate those little critters to death. If you are having problems with clover mites, you can just sprinkle it all over the place where you find the unwanted pests to rid the clover mites from your home. You can also use it around your yard where you find those clover mites often. While this may not kill the clover mites all at once, it can lessen their number over time. Just apply the borax regularly.

Use pesticide

If you cannot wait until you have killed all those clover mites, then you should opt to use pesticide. However, pesticides are not recommended because of the side effects it may bring. Nevertheless, the use of it can easily take down all those unwanted clover mites and other similar pests in your home. Simply spray the pesticide directly to the clover mites.

Close all the windows and then spray the pesticide and shut the door. Stay away from the room for a couple of hours because you may become dizzy from the pesticide smell. After a couple of hours, when the smell has subsided, sweep off the remains of the clover mites and dispose them away.

Avoid excessive watering and using fertilizer

If your house is being infested by clover mites, then you probably have a garden. Clover mites just love to spread in grassy areas that are treated with fertilizer. So if not needed, do not use fertilizer in your garden anymore. Too much water can also make these clover mites multiply in your lawn, so do not water the plants excessively. It can also be better if you just water the plants when the sun is at its peak so that the water will easily rise up to the air.

Hire an exterminator

For serious clover mite infestation, you might just want to hire an exterminator. Clover mites can be removed with home treatments but if you cannot handle them anymore, it is better to just pay an exterminator to take down those clover mites.  To find the lowest priced exterminator in your area, try out services such as Service Magic.

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