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How To Get Rid of Clovers

Clovers are the famous plants that are considered to be good luck charms. People from all around the world try to get these clover plants because of what it supposedly brings. However, not everyone can appreciate clovers.

If clovers are bringing bad luck to you instead of a good one, then you can try to get rid of it. There are simple ways that you can do to get rid of clovers, but, if there is already a widespread infestation brought by this plant, then you might be needing more luck and help to remove it from your home. Here are some tips that you may find useful in getting rid of clovers.

Uproot the clovers

Clovers are small plants that have a relatively weak root system. Unlike other invasive weeds, clovers are actually pretty easy to uproot. Thus, even just by using your hands, you can remove these clovers. Simply water the ground first and let the soil soak the moisture. This will make the soil looser, allowing you to easily pull up the plants. After about an hour, go out to your yard and start pulling up those plants. Remember to keep your hands protected with gardening gloves.

Place the uprooted plants inside a garbage bag. You can wait for the garbage man to pick it up or just burn the remains of the plants. Do not throw the plants into compost pit.

Use a weeder

If there are many clover patches that need to be taken down, and pulling them up one by one seems like a very daunting task, then you can use a gardening tool to make the job easier. You can use a weeder to easily get rid of clovers. If you do not have a weeder, you can rent it from home depots or local gardening stores.

Kill them with vinegar

Vinegar is highly acidic and it is oftentimes used as an alternative to herbicides. Most people prefer using it because vinegar is a bit safer and does not poison the soil unlike other commercial herbicides. You can simply mix equal amounts of pure vinegar and water and then pour it in a spray bottle. Use this solution by spraying down all the clover clumps with it. Wait for a few days and check if you see the clover dying. If they are, just wait for a couple more days until they completely wilt and you can just rake them up and dispose the remains of the plants.

If the solution did not work, you can just repeat the treatment again but this time, use pure vinegar without water or just opt for herbicides.

Spray with herbicide

When it comes to stubborn plants that you want to take down, herbicide can always help you make the job done. There are various types of herbicides you can find in the market. If you can avail organic herbicides, go for it, but if you cannot, buy the least harmful type of selective herbicide. Carefully read the manual that comes with the solution and then apply it to your garden properly.

Ask for help

Clovers might not be the toughest plant out there but if they have completely taken over your garden, and then it might be hard for you to stop the problem. If you have attempted to take down the clovers several times but you cannot just get rid of clovers, you can ask for help from a gardener.

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