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How To Get Rid of Clutter

Are you tired of waking up every morning and seeing too many stuff around your house? Is your house full of things that have no more purpose than to serve as home to many pests? If you always sweep and mop the floor and remove every dust and yet, your house seems untidy, then look around and you might realize that there is just too much clutter that hinders your home to become beautiful and comfortable.

Clutter can be found all around. You can check your drawers, study cabinet, bookshelves, dresser and other shelves that you usually put your stuffs at. Even though your things may not really be considered as garbage, they may just as well look as waste because they are unneeded. If you have piles of old papers and magazines, or clothes that you do not even wear and just basically stuffs that you collect and put away in a corner of your room, then maybe it is time for you to de-clutter. Here are some ways to get rid of clutter and make your house brighter and cleaner.

Separate all the things you do not need

When removing clutter, you need to separate the useful things and the inutile ones. Although it will take you some time to go around your house, it will be worth it afterwards. It will be good if you can have three big containers around. One is for the things that you would like to keep, one for the things that can be donated, and one for the things that are going to the garbage can. All you have to do is check out your items and put them in the proper boxes where they belong.

Start with the closet

The closet is usually one of the furniture that contains a lot of clutter. Basically, you just need to pull out everything from inside the closet. All those things that you still need to wear must be placed in the container they belong to. Those clothes that are old and does not fit you anymore, but still are in wearable condition should be put inside the box for donation. Just keep on doing this until your closet is clean. Once everything has been separated, just clean up your closet for a bit and then replaces the things that you still need.

Clean up your shelves

After the clothes, furniture where lots of clutter can be found is bookshelf and other similar container. Go through all your books and keep the ones that you think will still be helpful. Those books that are obsolete for you can be put inside for donation or garbage box. Do this as well with the magazines or newspaper that you have.

Throw away some treasures in the box

Some people like to keep a treasure box where they place all their memorabilia and paraphernalia with sentimental value. While you think some of the things inside your treasure box are really valuable, some of them are actually just clutter. Check out your treasure box and see if there is any clutter around. Remove them as well.

Donate or recycle

When everything is done, then you now have the clutter separated from the useful things around your home. Now, you can just give away to charities those items that can still be of use to others. Those things that ended up in the garbage box can be re-examined for items that you can recycle and just give away the scraps to the garbage man.

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