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How to Get Rid of Coffee Breath

Coffee is probably the most famous hot beverage in the planet aside from hot chocolate. Coffee is consumed by a lot of people and this is the reason why a lot of coffee shops have been established throughout the years. Coffee has a very desirable taste although it leaves several undesirable effects on your body.

Have you ever smoked and found that the smell lingers in your mouth? Well the same can be said for coffee. Coffee has properties that leaves bad odor to the mouth which we can refer to as coffee breath. Coffee breath can put off a lot of people and they stay longer than they should long after you have finished a cup.

Coffee breath is a nightmare but there is no reason for it to linger. There are several ways to fend off the odor once you have your fix of coffee. Here are several ways that can help you in getting rid of coffee breath:

Brush your teeth

Perhaps the most basic of all oral hygiene is brushing your teeth. Gargling with water alone will not remove the smell of coffee in your breath. If you are at home and had your coffee, you should brush immediately. This can help remove coffee stains that can accumulate over time when you drink coffee.

Coffee smell wouldn’t stay long in your breath, especially if you brush often. Brushing would remove sulfurous compounds that sticks to the teeth which can cause bacteria that would breed on it. Brushing teeth should be done regularly as it can help lessen the chances of acquiring bad breath.

Gargle with mouthwash

Mouthwash has strong properties that can instantly remove coffee breath. You should make it a habit of bringing a small container of mouthwash as they are a great substitute for brushing your teeth when you are out of the house.

The alcohol in mouthwash helps get rid of coffee breath along with about 99% of the bacteria that you have acquired from eating food. When you gargle, allow the mouthwash in your mouth for at least 30 seconds and remember not to swallow as it is not advisable. The coffee smell in and around the mouth will definitely disappear in an instant.

Take mint flavored candies

Most coffee shops sell mints along with other pastry products. You don’t have to wonder why they do this since companies that put up these establishments are mostly aware of the after effects of drinking coffee. Mint candies are usually stored in small containers that can be reached easily once needed.

Like mouthwash, mint candies can make coffee breath disappear although it is not a substitute for brushing your teeth since it cannot kill bacteria like brushing or gargling with mouthwash can.

Try some tea

There is no doubt that coffee is a great drink but you can try other alternatives. One of the best hot drinks available is tea. If you can try drinking tea instead of coffee as it has several benefits as well. Also, tea doesn’t leave any undesirable smell in your breath since their flavors are not strong. If you don’t feel like drinking tea because of the flavor, there are several varieties that you can choose from.

Eat fruits

Citrus fruits are also great for removing coffee breath. They have certain properties that can neutralize a variety of odor including coffee smell. It’s no wonder people use lemon or orange peel to deodorize refrigerators as they can absorb odors effectively.

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