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How to Get Rid of Coffee Smell

Food has different effects on the body. Visible signs include increase or decrease in body fat depending on the type of food. Another effect of food is that they usually leave a smell in the body. A perfect example is the onion; onions have several chemical properties that make it very flavorful but leave off an unwanted smell.

Another example is coffee; now coffee is probably one of the best beverages available. Who doesn’t like coffee nowadays? There are coffee shops that sprouted like regular fast food chains over the years and they produce some of the best tasting coffee. Coffee might be delicious but they leave off a smell that can be undesirable.

Coffee smell doesn’t just stay on the body but they cling on containers as well. Coffee smells pungent and it can be unpleasant to a lot of people. The different surfaces it touches can hold the smell and the following tips can help you in getting rid of coffee smell:

Shower it off

If coffee spilled on you, aside from worrying about the burns, you should worry about the smell as well. Do not wait for the coffee smell to settle but rather shower it off immediately and make sure that you wash it off with soap and water. Afterwards, use moisturizers and lotion as this will not only mask off the smell but would remove it altogether.

Brush your teeth

Coffee smell stays on the mouth and the very first thing that you can do is to brush your teeth. Brushing the teeth would also reduce the chance of getting coffee stain on the teeth. By regularly brushing the teeth it will help you get rid of the smell.

There are times that coffee smell in the breath can be strong and brushing alone won’t be able to resolve it. You should use mouthwash after brushing as they have high alcohol content that can neutralize coffee smell.

If you still do not feel confident with your breath after brushing or applying mouthwash, you can take candy mints or chewing gum that has mint flavoring added to it.

Baking soda on furniture

Say you spilled coffee on your furniture like your sofa or the dashboard of your car. Don’t consider this as a nightmare but you just have to wipe the surface dry and pour generous amounts of baking soda. Baking soda is considered to be an all around cleaner since it has odor absorbing properties.

This also applies on mugs or containers; you just have to dissolve baking soda in water and leave it overnight before you wash it off with soap and water. Also, when containers are not being used, you should not cover it to avoid the smell to stay inside the container.

Wash containers regularly

When we are in the office we usually just rinse coffee containers after every use. Rinsing gets rid of any visible traces of coffee but it doesn’t take out anything other than that. The smell can worsen if this is done regularly and can cause coffee smell to linger in the container. To make matters worst, containers have lids that seal it which also seals the smell of coffee.

Make sure that you wash your container with soap; water and baking soda after you use it or at least once a day and let it dry without covering it to prevent the smell from staying inside the container.

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