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How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

Our body reacts differently when we contract different bacteria or viruses; although it is safe to say that bad bacteria or viruses have bad effects on the body and some can be damaging or even fatal. There are different indications when you have acquired a virus and it can be out of the ordinary that’s why they are easy to spot.

One example is cold sores; which is an infection on the lip that is caused by herpes simplex virus. This condition is characterized by small blister or sores on or around the mouth. Although you can get cold sores in a variety of manner, many people associate this type of condition to having physical contact with other people. What’s more embarrassing is that it is often associated to oral sex.

There are no miracle treatments that can instantly remove cold sore from your lip but here are several ways to treat them. The process may take some time but if followed regularly, it can lessen the chances of reoccurring as well as infecting other people:

Do not touch the infected area

Think of how many times you touch your face in a day and you will be amazed at how frequent it happens. Your hands come into contact with several surfaces that can be contaminated with bacteria and touching the infected area with your hands can make the condition worse. Touching cold sores can stimulate the infection which can affect the skin if the situation worsens. Never touch the infected area especially if it’s open or weeping since you can spread the infection when you touch other people.

Moisture nourishes the sore

Remember that bacteria thrive in moist areas and the same can be said for cold sores. Keep the infected area dry and wipe it with clean towel, although you have to be certain that the towel should be washed immediately. Your cold sore may weep and it may produce pus or it can sweat. Make sure that you wipe it as often as possible but never touch it with your hands.

Topical creams can help with the treatment

There are several cold sore creams that you can use to lessen the number of bacteria that lives on the infected area. These creams are proven to heal lesions and would prevent open wound which can further infect your cold sore.

There are times that cold sores can be painful and there are creams that have anesthetic effect which can lessen the pain. You should visit a doctor to make sure that you are applying the right type of treatment on the infected area.

Eat healthy food

Although the effect may not be direct, the chances of immunity to different illnesses would be greater if you eat healthier types of food especially ones rich in alkaline. These foods are not hard to intake since they are your basic fruits and vegetables such as garlic, lemon and tomato. You should avoid acidic food that provides high pH level to the body which can further infect the cold sore.

Relax and de-stress

Stress and pressure can trigger cold sores; you may want to rest and avoid stressful situations that can put pressure on your shoulder. If you are at work, try to use some of those precious vacation leaves and stay at home. Not only you would be able to rest, you can also help in getting rid of the chance of an outbreak as the less contact you have with other people, the better.

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