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How to Get Rid of Colic

Your baby is probably the most precious person in your life and you would do anything to protect them. The hardest thing ever is when you hear your baby crying and worst is you don’t even know the reason why they are crying. Baby crying is not limited to them feeling pain but also, they may feel hungry.

Babies are very susceptible to pain due to their weak immunity from external forces. One of the conditions that they may feel is colic; this is when a healthy baby cries and displays symptoms of distress such as cramping and moaning which can happen frequently or for extended periods.

There are signs that will tell you if a baby has colic and if you do notice this, you don’t have to worry since there are ways to get rid of colic. There are natural ways to treat colic and the following information will provide you all the necessary procedures to treat colic and help your baby from feeling ill:

Breast milk is best for babies

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed the baby during their early days. There are no arguments to be made on the benefits such as nutrients breast milk can provide babies. During the early days of the baby, they should be provided with breast milk rather than substitutes to ensure that they are provided with the appropriate nutrients needed by the body.

Breastfeeding would also silence the baby if they are crying and would lessen the chance of them cramping due to excessive crying. Breast milk will provide the nutrients needed by the baby to prevent them from getting colic.

To get the most from breast milk, mothers are suggested to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Lessen the intake of food high in fat, salt and caffeine. By doing this, it will allow for the improvement of the baby’s condition.

Use a pacifier

If the baby is full and they are still crying, try to use a pacifier since as the name implies, it will pacify the baby. Once the baby is given a pacifier, it will soothe them which will stop them from crying.

Place the baby on a cradle

Babies love to be in motion; if you rock them in a cradle, they would feel as if they are being moved by their parents. Again the key is to make your baby stop crying since excessive crying can lead to cramping of the stomach.

Release the gas

If the condition of the colic is not that worst, touch is probably the most effective way to get rid of colic. You should gently massage the tummy of your baby and this will allow them to burp and release gases that have accumulated inside their stomachs.

The 5 S

Soothing techniques are the most important ways to treat a baby’s colic. The effects of the techniques are very evident. The 5 S are different techniques that you can use to help soothe the baby. These techniques are swaddling, side or stomach positioning, making shhh sound, swinging and sucking.

Each technique can be used independently and it gives you several options on what to do next if one technique doesn’t work. These techniques have been proven to lessen the cramps and release the gas that makes the condition worse for the baby.

  1. Andreyna Said,

    The over-the-counter creams are usulaly good temporary relief. other than that, tell her to sit on a cushion and not to sit for long periods of time. She needs to take either stool softener capsules for awhile or make taking a fiber laxative a routine from now on. A fiber laxative is not addictive and is good for you – one brand is Citricel- – you mix it with cold water a couple of times a day and it tastes like orange Tang (drink it fast, though). A lot of doctors recommend it. Last, but not least, tell her to go to the GNC store and buy a bottle of Rutin. I’m sure you can buy it either there or online at a vitamin site. I took it years ago and it helped so much. Here’s a link to more information on Rutin (a bioflavonoid).

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