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How to Get Rid of Constipation

Ever had that feeling of being full and you just want to get rid of your body waste but you’re unable to do so and it starts to feel very uncomfortable? This is the exact opposite of having diarrhea which is better known as constipation.

Constipation is the condition where the digestive system of a person has a hard time excreting fecal matter because it has ran out of moisture and became dry. There are several causes of constipation; these include improper chewing of food before swallowing as well as dehydration.

Being constipated does not mean that there are serious underlying causes and it can be treated immediately. Unless the condition persists even after several treatments, you can follow the procedures stated below to get rid of constipation:


As mentioned earlier, one of the major causes of constipation is dehydration. When you eat, make sure that you take in plenty of fluids, especially water. Make sure that you drink the suggested 8 glasses of water per day. The digestive system functions well when the body is rehydrated. By drinking fluids, the body waste is able to move through the large intestine freely.

Dry stool is the result of drinking less fluid; this makes body waste hard to release since they cannot move about inside the body. Fecal matter should be lubricated so that they won’t block the passageway inside the body.

Eat foods high in fiber

You may have heard about fiber; the insoluble component of plants and fruits that helps with the movement of food that goes through our digestive system. Fiber retains the water inside the digestive system which allows the body waste to become lubricated which helps with the movement of the food easily.

Fruits and vegetables are great sources of fiber but there are other types of food where you can get them from. There are other products available in the market that has high fiber content which can be diluted in water and drank.

Start exercising

Exercising not only benefits your body’s appearance, it also helps in the digestion of the food inside the body. By performing aerobic exercises, the digestive system works faster in breaking down food particles that becomes waste. Simple exercises such as walking can keep the blood pumping which in turn makes the digestive system work twice as hard.

Use stool softeners

Constipation is the result of having hard and dry stool, so using stool softeners is logical to get rid of this condition. There are different medicines that are considered as stool softeners which can be purchased over the counter. These are immediate treatment for constipation but proper change in lifestyle may be necessary if you often get constipated.    

Drink laxatives

Laxatives increase the amount of water stored in the intestine. Milk of magnesia and Epsom salt are the most common laxatives and you can take them orally. These should not be used on a daily basis as they can dehydrate the body due to excessive release of water with the fecal matter once they are used.

Enemas help with severe constipation

You can take enemas which are made of water and minerals such as sodium phosphates to dislodge and lubricate fecal matter. Large bowel obstruction can occur which is considered to be a case of severe constipation. If this happens and you have taken all of the measures to remove it, you may have to visit a doctor as they can manually remove it in their clinics.

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