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How to Get Rid of Cookies

When you hear about cookies, you immediately think of baked goodies. But the internet has a different meaning for the word. Cookies are stored internet data which retains browsing data to identify the user’s behavior on the internet. And although it doesn’t harm your computer, computer cookies should be deleted regularly.

Cookies are not a form of virus or malware, it is completely normal to have it stored in your system. But this can be a form of security risk since there are people that can use it maliciously. Cookies track your browsing habits and as mentioned earlier, it is stored internet data which means anything that you input, including passwords are stored temporarily.

You don’t need an expensive anti virus software to remove cookies. Internet browsers are completely capable of removing them with their tools. If you are still uncertain if cookies are still stored in your computer, you can perform the following steps to put your mind at ease:

Learn to use the settings of your browser

When you open up your browser, one thing is certain; you will be browsing the internet and the only thing that matters to you is the address bar located at the top part of the browser where you type in the address of the website you want to go. Well it seems that is not the only thing that you can do to the browser.

Since the internet is filled with potential security threats, it is the responsibility of the developer to put in safety measures to make sure that the time you spent browsing the internet is not compromised. Internet Explorer for example can allow you to delete cookies using the Tools menu available on their browser. Just click Tools, Internet Options, General, and Delete Cookies.

The options to delete cookies can vary from one browser to another so you may have to do it differently with a Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Bottom line is to learn the ins and outs of your browser to maximize their capabilities.

Cookies as temporary internet file

If you would like to clear all traces of browsing activity that you have done, you can access the browser’s tools to delete browsing history as well as cookies. As what was stated above, there are different ways to access them depending on the type of browser that you are using.

The data that you collect from and to the internet is saved in the cache of your storage device. They do not stay there permanently and you can manually delete them when you want to remove them immediately.

Set to automatically delete data

Data collected from the internet which it uses to track your browsing activity is saved in a cache. Depending on the type of browser that you are using, you can set it to have these files deleted automatically after it occupies a certain amount of disk space or after it stays there for a period of time. Making sure that this is set properly would prevent these data from staying in your computer which means it could also lessen the risk of having security threats invading your system.

Use third party software

There is a lot of software that you can use to track and delete cookies from your computer. This is used in extreme cases when cookies have malicious content in them that cannot be removed using conventional procedures. These software not only deletes cookies, but they also come packaged with anti virus software that can delete other potential threats as well.

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