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How to Get Rid of Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is an essential component for cooking, especially for frying. It is used to moisten fried food so it wouldn’t dry out, aside from that they make sure that the food is cooked equally as they penetrate inside the food item once they are heated and are in the right temperature. Although one of the biggest questions you might have is do you throw away used cooking oil the same as disposing of water? The clear answer is no.

Cooking oil obviously has different chemical properties than water and they can have undesirable effects should you decide to dump them in the sink. Cooking oil can block your drainage and clog up the pipes. The problem can be worse on a large scale since oil can contaminate the water system where the drainage goes to.

Cooking oil should be disposed of properly and it’s not a hard thing to do. There are more beneficial ways that you can do to get rid of cooking oil. The steps below are some of the best methods that you can perform to make sure that the cooking oil is properly disposed of:

Oil as a source of fuel

The need to become environment friendly has been pushed aggressively due to the worsening conditions of the planet. This is why people come up with ingenious inventions or modifications to the automotive industry. There are people that would modify their engines so it would run on filtered used cooking oil.

Aside from vehicles, these modifications are also performed to home furnaces as well. You can just imagine the possibilities of having energy efficient, environment friendly machine where you can use the oil. If you don’t own any of this modified equipment, you can offer to sell used cooking oil for people that have them.

Reuse before you dispose

Cooking oil can be reused if the food that you cook with it does not have strong flavor which can affect the neutral flavor of oil. If you deep fry a chicken, you don’t want to throw all of that oil away immediately; you should let it cool down and store it in containers so that you can use them again. Just be sure to filter all the food particles, they will burn if you continuously heat the oil with the particles still in them which could make the oil taste bitter.

Cooking oil can be used at least twice before you dispose of them, and when you do dispose of it, make sure that you observe the proper procedures of disposing them.

Check your area for recycling facilities

Different by products can be made from cooking oil. If you don’t have any idea how to convert it from its current form to something useful, you should consider bringing them into recycling centers in your area. Check with your city waste management for these facilities as they can use the used cooking oil to make different products such as soap, candle or other types of cosmetic products.

Do not mix oil with different liquids

Be sure that when you are storing cooking oil in containers, you shouldn’t mix any type of liquids with it. By doing so, it would be harder to use the cooking oil as they are difficult to separate with the liquid it mixed with. Furthermore, the oil may be rendered useless in case the mixture is too much.

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