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How to Get Rid of Copper Hair

Black is probably the most common color of hair that you can see, although there are different colors of hair that can be artificially dyed to the hair. From black, you can make the color auburn or brown. But there are times that the color that you wanted doesn’t end up the way you wanted it to be.

Have you ever wanted to have a blond colored hair but after you dye your hair you end up with a copper like color that has an orange hue which is a far cry from the original color that you wanted it to be. This happens when you immediately apply blond dye to black hair which wouldn’t penetrate the color of the hair as much as you would love it to.

Getting rid of copper hair is not hard as long as you follow the procedures stated below. You can revert the hair to its original color or have a totally different color depending on your preference. Here is the list of steps that you can follow to get rid of that nasty copper hair color:

Wait for the hair to grow

The tried and true but longer route to remove copper hair is to wait for it to re grow. The part that has the copper color will be outgrown by new hair and you can have it cut or trimmed. This prevents the use of chemicals used to cover copper colored hair. By letting the hair to grow, this is one of the most natural ways to remove copper hair although it would take a very long time and may not be considered as an option if you are in a hurry.

Use a specially formulated conditioner

There are conditioners that have varying tones of colors that can soften the glow of copper hair. Blue or purple tone conditioner can be purchased from different hair care stores, with the color it has, it can cover the color of the copper hair. After using regular shampoo, you need to apply the conditioner and leave it on there for five minutes, applying it where copper color is most concentrated.

Use hair dye

Applying hair dye that matches the natural color of your hair is also another option. The easiest color to apply on the hair would be black. Directions for use of different hair dyes are available in its packaging. After you apply it, make sure that you leave it on your hair for the specified time indicated on the instructions.

Hair dyes have strong chemicals in them and before re applying them to cover copper toned hair, you have to wait for a while to avoid damaging the hair. For the meantime, you can use conditioners that can soften the tone of the hair.

Visit a salon

If you are not certain on how to remove the copper hair yourself, you may want to try to visit a salon and ask a stylist to remove it for you. You will be charged for the service but there are no other people that can help you better than the experts who deals with hair problems day in and day out.

Stylists would be able to suggest different methods such as a different hairstyle that would highlight the natural colors rather than the copper color. They may also suggest dying your hair with another color which can cover the current color but getting rid of copper colored hair.

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