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How to Get Rid of Coral Snakes

Although it is a very rare occurrence, there are instances that snakes can invade our houses. This is true if your house has a garden in the yard where snakes can live. Since gardens can attract other breeds of animals, this can attract potential predators as well. As long as there are preys in the garden, you can expect something lurking in the shadows to feed on them.

One type of snake that can live on a garden is the coral snake. Coral snakes do not like being around water sources and would rather live in someplace dry. A garden is a perfect setting for them especially if it harbors other types of animals that they can consider as prey. Coral snakes can be poisonous and should their presence be known, steps to get rid of them should be observed.

You may even not to worry about getting rid of coral snakes if they do not live off of your garden in the first place. You can prevent attracting them or in any case they are already present, you can follow the procedures stated below to help you get rid of coral snakes:

Pest removal

Every time you watch a documentary about snakes and their eating habits, what is the first animal mostly shown in the snake’s mouth being swallowed? If you answered mouse or rats, then you guessed it right. Rats are one of the common pests in a house and their presence can always attract predators.

To avoid potentially harboring snakes in your garden, get rid of pests in your house. Not just mouse but other insects as well as they can feed coral snakes. You should hire an exterminator for extreme cases as they can get rid of on the spot pests and they can locate and destroy their dwelling as well.   Use websites such as to find the best pest services in your area.

Clear debris

Snakes do not like basking in the limelight and they are known to hide in the darkness. If you have debris in the garden that provides ample amount of shadow, expect it to have if not snakes, other creatures that survive in that type of environment.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure that the garden is clear of debris. Don’t even think of stocking a few pieces of wood or rocks in the corner of your yard. This wouldn’t just clear your garden from unwanted pets but the sight would become better without it.

Put up a fence

Putting up a fence not only guarantees pest from coming in your property, they can keep your garden in top shape. By placing fences around the garden, you greatly decrease the chances of snakes getting in your yard or worst, inside your home. Fences prevents rodents and insects from crawling in which guarantees that it would lessen the chance of attracting predators.

Call a wildlife expert

When we think about snakes, we almost immediately think of venom. Well not all snakes are poisonous but not all of us are experts to tell which ones are not from those who are. If you happen to see a coral snake in your property, do not go near it and attempt to get it yourself. Try not to bother the snake and avoid sudden movements. Call a wildlife expert that can handle the situation for you saving your family from imminent danger.

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