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How to Get Rid of Corns

You may think that shoes are just designed for aesthetic purposes but really if they are not properly made well, you may end up getting corns. Corns or foot calluses are the result of the foot rubbing with the surface of the shoe. This was part of the consideration made when socks were being developed.

Corns are characterized by their white and hard appearance often having a gray colored spot at the center. They usually grow around the toe area and are the result of wearing tight shoes which is pretty common with women. The design of the shoes sometimes makes it uncomfortable for women but they sacrifice comfort for looks.

Corns can be painful and they are not really pretty to look at. You should consider having them removed as soon as you see signs of it. You should try different methods in removing them and the following can help you get an idea on how to get rid of corns when you see them:

Don’t wear tight shoes

No matter how pretty looking a shoe is if it’s not comfortable to wear, you should not wear them at all. As mentioned earlier, corns can be caused by wearing tight shoes as the surface of the shoe creates friction when it rubs to the skin of the feet. Do not sacrifice comfort for style as there are shoes that can deliver both.

If you must, try shoes that are a bit larger in size. Without looking goofy, you can purchase these shoes as long as the appearance won’t make you look like a clown wearing a big shoe. An allowance between the toes and the shoe can prevent it from rubbing that causes corns.

Scrub it off

Corns are hard and if you peel them off immediately without softening them, you endanger yourself of damaging the skin surrounding it. What you can do is prepare warm water with soap and soak your feet in it. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes while you rub the feet with sponge. Apply baby oil on the affected area and use a pumice stone to gently rub against the callus. Make sure that you rub the surface gently and do not overdo it since you might be rubbing deep into the skin which can cause irritation or produce pain.

Place padding between the toes

When you are wearing tight enclosed footwear, you are risking getting corns in between your toes. You will need to put padding or a tissue in between the toes to make sure that they do not rub each other causing corns to grow.

Use natural products

Corns can be removed by using different natural products. As discussed earlier, corns are hard dead skin cells and can be stubborn to remove if they are not moistened. Aside from soaking them in soap and water, you can also moisten it using cocoa butter. What happens is that cocoa butter softens the corns and you will be able to grind it away using pumice stones.

You can also make a mixture of water, iodine, borax and bran. These ingredients have properties that exfoliate the skin without being damaging. They can exfoliate and prevent infection while at the same time soften corns for later grinding.

Visit a doctor

If you are susceptible in getting corns, you may want to visit a dermatologist. They will be able to give you the best prescriptions as well as medicines that you can use to make sure that corns are removed from the skin.

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