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How to Get Rid of Cotton Mouth

Quick question, what does cotton do really well? If you answered it absorbs water really fast then you got it right. Unfortunately, cotton is also used as a term for a mouth condition which is known as cotton mouth. If you answered the question earlier, then you may have an idea what cotton mouth is.

Cotton mouth is a condition which leaves a person’s mouth dry due to the lack of saliva. Cotton mouth can be obtained from several diseases but it can be worsen by smoking or drinking alcohol. If you have this condition, it can lead to difficulty in eating and in speech as well as dramatic rise in the number of cavities.

If you notice early symptoms of cotton mouth, you should perform the following procedures to make sure that the condition does not worsen. There are several ways to get rid of cotton mouth which can prevent other conditions from occurring that can lead into more problems for you:

Drink plenty of water

What do you do if you feel that your mouth is dry? The best thing to do is to drink water to provide nourishment to your mouth. Water is probably the best way to relieve yourself from having cotton mouth at the moment since water naturally moisturizes the mouth which removes dryness.

Chew gum

Having cotton mouth dries your mouth up since it’s not producing enough saliva. One of the most basic ways to allow production of saliva is by chewing a gum. Remember that this is a temporary solution and other more permanent ways to get rid of cotton mouth should be performed to fully treat the condition. Gums that contain xylitol are the best choice since they have properties that lessen the bacteria in the mouth other than helping you produce saliva.

Sucking on sugar free candies can also help; you may notice when you do this, the production of saliva is very active in the mouth. There are times when you may have spilled some because of this. These are some ways to treat cotton mouth for the meantime before you cook up a more permanent solution that can treat you.

Lay off the smokes and alcohol

There are several benefits of keeping yourself free from alcohol and cigarettes. Aside from having a healthy heart and liver, moving away from these substances can help you in getting rid of cotton mouth. Ask any smoker how they feel after sucking on a stick and you will get “my mouth feels dry” answer. The same goes for drinking alcohol; ever felt thirst after you intake substantial amount of alcohol? Well that’s because your body is dehydrated and being dehydrated means that you lack water in the body. So lay off the smokes and alcohol to improve cotton mouth conditions.

Chew, chew, chew

Chewing stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth. Whenever we chew, the more saliva we produce. One of the great things about getting rid of cotton mouth is by putting food inside our mouth to chew on. We can suggest foods that are rich in fiber since you will have to chew more to break them down before swallowing.

Visit an ENT specialist

Cotton mouth can be caused by underlying causes that cannot be treated by regular medicines. Make sure that you visit a doctor so they can check up on your condition and they can prescribe the appropriate medicine for you to take to get rid of cotton mouth faster.

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